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1. Anders Baasmo Christiansen Anders Baasmo Christiansen Actor, Kon-Tiki
2. Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken Writer, Å vende tilbake Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken (b. 1989) grew up in Hamar, Norway. He is a self-taught filmmaker and trained cinema projectionist. Dahlsbakken has made several short films using different film techniques, and cultivates the analog idiom in the creative process. One of his greatest successes thus far has been the short film The Devil's Ballroom (2012)...
3. Ryan Wiik Ryan Wiik Actor, Timber Falls Ryan Wiik is an Actor, Producer and Screenwriter. Wiik is best known for starting his career as a producer and entrepreneur, launching Wide Release Pictures headquartered in Los Angeles. His first screenplay for motion picture Frank (????), a father-son drama, was received with industry praise. Major producers and studio executives made several offers to acquire the material...
4. Kirsten Flagstad Kirsten Flagstad Soundtrack, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Born in Stranstuen, Hamar, Norway, Norwegian soprano Kisten Flagstad's father was a conductor, and her mother was a singing coach and pianist as well as her first teacher. Flagstad continued her studies in Oslo with Ellen Schyte-Jacobsen and in Stockholm with Dr. Gillis Bratt. While still a student...
5. Siv Stubsveen Siv Stubsveen Actress, Tilgi meg
6. Øivind Bergh Øivind Bergh Self, Melodi grand prix
7. Rut Brandt Rut Brandt Self, Der Frieden und sein Preis - Das Vermächtnis des Alfred Nobel
8. Einar Vaage Einar Vaage Actor, Tante Pose
9. Pauline Hall Pauline Hall Composer, Quartet
10. Elsa Isefiær Elsa Isefiær Actress, Skøytekongen
11. Eirik Berg Eirik Berg Eirik Berg is a white Norwegian actor. He was born in the suburbs just outside the town of Hamar, to Amanda DuPort and Theodore Berg-Christensen. Formerly a professional footballer for Norwegian club Ham-Kam, he tore defenses apart with his height and pace. After a heavy night out celebrating the second term of US president Barack Obama...
12. Sverre Bergh Sverre Bergh Composer, Andrine og Kjell
13. Sigurd Evensmo Sigurd Evensmo Writer, Krvavi put
14. Kåre Magnus Bergh Kåre Magnus Bergh Self, Idol - Jakten på en superstjerne
14 names.