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1. Christina Pickles Christina Pickles Actress, Legends of the Fall
2. Barrie Ingham Barrie Ingham Actor, The Great Mouse Detective
3. Eric Portman Eric Portman Actor, 49th Parallel With his clipped delivery, aristocratic if somewhat ominous manner and suave, urbane demeanor, Eric Portman was so good at playing German and/or Nazi officers that many believed he actually was German, or at least Austrian. The fact is that he was British to the core, having been born and raised in Yorkshire and educated in Halifax...
4. Keith Clifford Keith Clifford Actor, Last of the Summer Wine
5. Emma Williams Emma Williams Actress, The Parole Officer Emma Williams was born in 1983, in Halifax, West Yorkshire. She has already starred in a hit movie (The Parole Officer), taken part in several shows for TV, the most recent being Miss Marple - The Body in the Library and has had lead roles on the West End in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the London Palladium...
6. Avril Elgar Avril Elgar Actress, Betrayal
7. Andrew Harwood Mills Andrew Harwood Mills Actor, Andrew Harwood Mills was born on the 5th January, 1980, in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. He studied acting at the highly respected Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff and graduated in 2005. He has starred in numerous theatrical productions and is a writer and musician. He lives in London, England.
8. Anita Carey Anita Carey Actress, Doctors
9. Marie Hemingway Marie Hemingway Actress, A Master of Men
10. John Noakes John Noakes Self, I Love a 1970's Christmas
11. Frances Cox Frances Cox Actress, Strike: The Birth of Solidarity
12. Jimmy Thompson Jimmy Thompson Actor, Carry on Cruising
13. Kathryn Pogson Kathryn Pogson Actress, Brazil
14. Jessica Harris Jessica Harris Actress, Ashes and Sand
15. Michael Stainton Michael Stainton Actor, Metal Mickey
16. Matthew Wolfenden Matthew Wolfenden Actor, Emmerdale Farm
17. Paul Opacic Paul Opacic Actor, Hollyoaks
18. Wilfred Pickles Wilfred Pickles Actor, Billy Liar
19. Stuart Wade Stuart Wade Actor, Emmerdale Farm
20. Dawn Archibald Dawn Archibald Actress, The Company of Wolves
21. Rebecca Sarker Rebecca Sarker Actress, John Carter
22. Terry Cade Terry Cade Stunts, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
23. Tom Bailey Tom Bailey Soundtrack, Ghostbusters
24. Eric Rogers Eric Rogers Music Department, The Kid Born in 1921, Eric Rogers' interest in music began at an early age. A regular churchgoer, he was taught to play the church organ at the age of 13. His musical apprenticeship was a largely untutored one. During the Second World War, Rogers found himself playing the piano in return for free beer! Following the war...
25. Paul Rawson Paul Rawson Actor, Girlfriend from Hell
26. Big Daddy Big Daddy Self, World of Sport One of the biggest Icons in British Pro-Wrestling from 1950s to the 1980s. He was a heel in his early days in wrestling as charactors like "The Blonde Adonis" & "Mr. Universe" for (BWF) British Wrestling Fedaration. Between the 1960s & mid 70s he didn't wrestle much, but in 1976 he made a comeback with his biggest gimmick as Big Daddy...
27. John Atkinson John Atkinson Actor, Emmerdale Farm
28. Barry Gnome Barry Gnome Actor, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
29. Don Lang Don Lang Self, Twist!
30. James Mellor James Mellor Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Doctors
31. Sophie Foster Sophie Foster Actress, The Royal
32. Johnnie Casson Johnnie Casson Self, Gagging for It!
33. Donald Layne-Smith Donald Layne-Smith Actor, David Copperfield
34. John Christie John Christie Christie had a difficult childhood growing up with stern and unaffectionate parents. He left school at 15. Christie initially worked as a police clerk but was fired for petty theft. He was disowned by his family when he was caught stealing from his father's carpet factory. During World War One he was wounded and gassed and blinded for 5 months with hysterical aphonia for about 3 years...
35. James Pickles James Pickles Self, Have I Got News for You
36. Calvin Dyson Calvin Dyson Writer, Animation Fun-Pak Calvin grew up in the small Yorkshire town of Brighouse and spent much of his childhood watching classic Disney films and cartoons, kindling his life long love of animation. It was also in childhood that Calvin learned the basics of stop motion animation, dabbling with the process until finally being...
37. Nick Holmes Nick Holmes Self, Over the Madness
38. Kathleen White Kathleen White Writer, Girl on Approval
39. Alistair Thompson Alistair Thompson Miscellaneous Crew, The Motorcycle Diaries
40. Billy Percy Billy Percy Actor, The Schooner Gang
41. David Blair David Blair Miscellaneous Crew, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
42. Kim Roberts Kim Roberts Self, Sing and Swing
43. Frank King Frank King Writer, The Ghoul
44. Phyllis Bentley Phyllis Bentley Writer, The New Apprentice
45. John Kettley John Kettley Self, I Love Christmas
46. Frank Worthington Frank Worthington Self, I Love Christmas
47. J.S. Fletcher J.S. Fletcher Writer, The Root of All Evil British mystery writer Joseph S. Fletcher was born in Halifax, England, in 1863. He was orphaned at eight months old, and was taken in and raised by his grandmother, who lived in Yorkshire. At age 18 he moved to London to get into journalism. He worked on a few newspaper, though not as a journalist...
48. Danny Jones Danny Jones Self, Rugby League World Cup
49. Rosie Foster Rosie Foster Actress, In the Middle of the River
50. Christine Glanville Christine Glanville Miscellaneous Crew, Labyrinth
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