50 names.

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1. Jörg Hartmann Jörg Hartmann Actor, Tatort
2. Nena Nena Soundtrack, Watchmen
3. Henning Wehn Henning Wehn Self, An Immigrant's Guide to Britain
4. Maria Ketikidou Maria Ketikidou Actress, Großstadtrevier
5. Julia Hummer Julia Hummer Actress, Die innere Sicherheit
6. Hansjörg Thurn Hansjörg Thurn Director, Die Schatzinsel
7. Lina Beckmann Lina Beckmann Actress, Junges Licht
8. Tobias Schönenberg Tobias Schönenberg Actor, Verbotene Liebe
9. Joshua J. Krull Joshua J. Krull Producer, The Heavy Load
10. Stefan Barth Stefan Barth Writer, Das Blut der Templer
11. Margret Homeyer Margret Homeyer Actress, Stubbe - Von Fall zu Fall
12. Herbert Reinecker Herbert Reinecker Writer, Derrick
13. Klaus Hagen Latwesen Klaus Hagen Latwesen Actor, Johannes durch den Wald
14. Annette Humpe Annette Humpe Thanks, Ghosted
15. Ariane Krampe Ariane Krampe Producer, Verbotene Liebe
16. Hildegard Wensch Hildegard Wensch Actress, Rückwärts
17. Birte Wentzek Birte Wentzek Actress, Sturm der Liebe
18. Jennah Karthes Jennah Karthes Self, Do It Yourself
19. Sybille Herwig Sybille Herwig Miscellaneous Crew, Atlas Shrugged: Part I Sybille Herwig was born and raised in Germany. Before coming to the States in 1999 to study Communication and Film in San Diego, she worked as a dance choreographer in Spain, producing little stage shows in several hotel resorts. Before making the big leap to Hollywood she jumped on the opportunity...
20. Mousse T. Mousse T. Soundtrack, Any Given Sunday This German-born, Platinum certified record producer, film composer and international dj of Turkish descent's discography reads like a "Who's Who" of the music scene. His songs "Horny" and "Sex Bomb" exploded onto the charts, being officially proclaimed hits around the World. Mousse T.'s production work for Michael Jackson...
21. Liselotte Funcke Liselotte Funcke
22. Kaspar Brüninghaus Kaspar Brüninghaus Actor, Die Stadt unter Segeln
23. Karl Doench Karl Doench Actor, Der Vogelhändler
24. Inga Humpe Inga Humpe Soundtrack, Das Sams
25. Volker Muthmann Volker Muthmann Actor, Nicht mein Tag
26. Wolfgang Ueding Wolfgang Ueding Writer, Warte bis der Arzt kommt
27. Marc Gruss Marc Gruss Actor, Lollipop Marc Gruss grew up in the southern Ruhr area and was already inspired as a youngster by film and theatre. At first he worked only "behind the scenes" as a director and stagehands, but after a while it pulled him on stage and before the camera. After a private acting training, he deepened this in the years 2007-2009 at the Stella Adler Actors Studio in Los Angeles...
28. Ingrid Kötter Ingrid Kötter Writer, Neues aus Uhlenbusch
29. Hermann Hiesgen Hermann Hiesgen Actor, ...inklusiv Totenschein
30. Anneliese Fleyenschmidt Anneliese Fleyenschmidt Actress, Was bin ich?
31. Marcus Fleischer Marcus Fleischer Actor, Die Lok
32. Artur Axmann Artur Axmann Self, Timewatch
33. Johannes Janßen Johannes Janßen Actor, Lindenstraße
34. Sandra Quellmann Sandra Quellmann Self, Daheim & unterwegs
35. Peter Jürgensmeier Peter Jürgensmeier Writer, Achterbahn
36. Maria Schamoni Maria Schamoni Actress, Deine Zärtlichkeiten
37. Michael Link Michael Link Self, Die Johannes B. Kerner Show
38. Hansheinrich Dransmann Hansheinrich Dransmann Composer, Prem Sanyas
39. Monika Feth Monika Feth Writer, Die blauen und die grauen Tage
40. Abisag Tüllmann Abisag Tüllmann Camera and Electrical Department, Die Allseitig reduzierte Persönlichkeit - Redupers
41. Alfred E. Sistig Alfred E. Sistig Director, Die Andere
42. Karin Mai Karin Mai Actress, Der Fluggast
43. Marcus Grebe Marcus Grebe Actor, Nydenion
44. Gabriele Voss Gabriele Voss Editor, Schnitte in Raum und Zeit
45. Magnus F. Kron Magnus F. Kron Actor, Rosfeld
46. Eddy Kante Eddy Kante Actor, Lebendkontrolle
47. Gerd Gutbier Gerd Gutbier Actor, Operation Walküre
48. Michael Körner Michael Körner Self, TV total
49. Marco Spohr Marco Spohr Actor, Verbotene Liebe
50. Herbert Malsbender Herbert Malsbender Actor, Messeabenteuer 1999
50 names.