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1. Alex van Warmerdam Alex van Warmerdam Actor, Borgman
2. David Claessen David Claessen Cinematographer, Diary of a Mad Black Woman
3. Dorien Rose Duinker Dorien Rose Duinker Actress, Amsterdam Heavy
4. Robert Boon Robert Boon Actor, Deaths-Head Revisited
5. Erik van 't Wout Erik van 't Wout Actor, A Bridge Too Far
6. Norbert Kaart Norbert Kaart Actor, Flodder
7. Teun Kuilboer Teun Kuilboer Actor, The Heineken Kidnapping
8. Erik de Vogel Erik de Vogel Actor, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
9. Remi Young Remi Young Actor, Escape from Detention Remi Young was born in a hospital in Haarlem, Netherlands on 15 September 2002, because it was the nearest hospital to the town of Hoofddorp in which his parents Karen and Clive were living at that time. He is an only child. He moved to Perth in January 2004, living first in an apartment in East Perth, then in a rented house in Duncraig, until his family moved to their present home in Kingsley...
10. Corrie Ten Boom Corrie Ten Boom Self, The Hiding Place During the Second World War, Corrie Ten Boom and her family (all Christians) showed great courage in helping to rescue Jewish people from the Nazis. They were arrested and imprisoned by the Germans. Corrie and her sister were sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp, where her sister died. Corrie was released due to an administrative error just before the end of the war in 1945...
11. Van Doude Van Doude Actor, Love in the Afternoon
12. Rudolf Lucieer Rudolf Lucieer Actor, The Northerners
13. Dick van den Toorn Dick van den Toorn Actor, Loonies
14. Beau van Erven Dorens Beau van Erven Dorens Self, TV7
15. Monique van der Werff Monique van der Werff Actress, Loverboy
16. Harry Mulisch Harry Mulisch Writer, The Discovery of Heaven
17. Leopold Witte Leopold Witte Actor, Gooische vrouwen
18. Brigitte Kaandorp Brigitte Kaandorp Self, Episode #8.161
19. Kitty Janssen Kitty Janssen Actress, Soldier of Orange
20. Harriet Stroet Harriet Stroet Actress, Bericht uit de bezemkast
21. Jan de Hartog Jan de Hartog Writer, The Four Poster The son of a minister, de Hartog ran away to sea twice in his boyhood. Later, after attending the Netherlands Naval College, he went back to sea as a sailor. During this time he wrote detective stories and then a popular novel about tugboat crews titled "Holland's Glory". During the Nazi occupation he found sanctuary in a house in Amsterdam...
22. Arthur Japin Arthur Japin Writer, Magonia
23. Hannah van der Vlugt Hannah van der Vlugt Actress, Een baantje voor Felicio
24. Amber Brantjes Amber Brantjes Actress, Aflevering 3693
25. Jop Joris Jop Joris Actor, Slaughter Night
26. Pieter van Huystee Pieter van Huystee Producer, On the Way to School
27. Burny Bos Burny Bos Producer, Miss Minoes
28. Georgette Hagedoorn Georgette Hagedoorn Actress, Aflevering 7
29. Eva Poppink Eva Poppink Actress, Peter Bell II: The Hunt for the Czar Crown
30. Pauline van Rhenen Pauline van Rhenen Actress, Eine kleine Nachtmusik
31. Jordi Wijnalda Jordi Wijnalda Director, Southwest
32. Alain Clark Alain Clark Self, Episode #3.25
33. Willem Duyn Willem Duyn Self, Mouth & MacNeal: How Do You Do
34. Dennis van der Geest Dennis van der Geest Self, Episode #1.76
35. Tosca Niterink Tosca Niterink Actress, Theo en Thea en de ontmaskering van het tenenkaasimperium
36. Tim Immers Tim Immers Actor, Aflevering 500
37. Jos Bergman Jos Bergman Actor, Het gestolen kasteel
38. Hans van Helden Hans van Helden Production Manager, Black Book
39. Femke Halsema Femke Halsema Self, Episode #4.142
40. Paul Witteman Paul Witteman Self, Episode dated 16 April 2006
41. Chris Zomer Chris Zomer Actor, Ocean's Twelve
42. Jacco van Ree Jacco van Ree Cinematographer, Feuten: Het Feestje
43. Fred Benavente Fred Benavente Writer, Farce majeure
44. John Thorborg John Thorborg Editorial Department, Love is All
45. Willem Ruis Willem Ruis Self, Kinderen voor kinderen 4
46. Rick de Leeuw Rick de Leeuw Self, The Sea That Thinks
47. Joop van Zijl Joop van Zijl Self, Nationaal songfestival
48. Jurriaan Andriessen Jurriaan Andriessen Composer, The Assault
49. Sigrid Koetse Sigrid Koetse Actress, Leedvermaak
50. Janina Pakasi Janina Pakasi Actress, Ver van familie
1-50 of 124 names.