10 names.

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1. Lung Ti Lung Ti Actor, A Better Tomorrow
2. Hark-On Fung Hark-On Fung Actor, Kung Fu Hustle
3. Tyrus Wong Tyrus Wong Art Department, Tyrus
4. Alan Tang Alan Tang Actor, Flaming Brothers Alan Tang, named Tang Kwong Wing, was born September 20, 1946, the year of the dog, in Guangzhou, PRC. He was the youngest of four children having two older brothers and one older sister. His early education was at the New Method College or the Sun Fat College. After graduation and having armed himself with a degree in Chinese History, Alan entered the teaching profession of Chinese History...
5. Karl Maka Karl Maka Actor, Mad Mission
6. Tat-Wah Cho Tat-Wah Cho Actor, Fuk sing go jiu
7. Mei-tian He Mei-tian He Actress, Moon to
8. Chi Lu Chi Lu Actor, Shen nu dang fu chuo tou wang
9. Lanqing Tan Lanqing Tan Actress, Guai xia yi zhi mei
10. Yot & Elayne Lim Yot & Elayne Lim Actor, The Cleaning Lady
10 names.