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1. Marcel Hensema Marcel Hensema Actor, Hollands Hoop Dutch actor Marcel Hensema graduated at the prestigious Maastricht theatre academy, generally considered one of the best drama academies in Europe. Hensema speaks five languages (English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish) and is one of Holland's most acclaimed actors. Hensema worked on over 70 films and television productions in his native The Netherlands and abroad...
2. Egbert Jan Weeber Egbert Jan Weeber Actor, Michiel de Ruyter Egbert Jan was born in Groningen in 1981. He went to the Theatre School in Groningen for four years. When he was 18 years, he made his debut in "Uitgesloten", a TV production about a boy who is "excluded" from the Jehovah's Witness' parish. Egbert Jan was nominated for a Golden Calf for his role as Jonathan Stork...
3. Kim Feenstra Kim Feenstra Actress, Verliefd op Ibiza
4. Arjen Robben Arjen Robben Self, Barclays English Premier League 2004/2005
5. Kim Pieters Kim Pieters Actress, Julia's Tango
6. Rick Paul van Mulligen Rick Paul van Mulligen Actor, A'dam - E.V.A. Rick Paul van Mulligen was born on the 28th of September 1981 in the small village Uithuizen. Knowing from the early age of 11, he was determined to pursue an acting career. After years of acting classes as an teenager, he got accepted to the Theatre Academy of the city Arnhem (ArtEZ) where he got is Bachelor in acting in 2006...
7. Hero Muller Hero Muller Actor, The 4th Man
8. Freek de Jonge Freek de Jonge Self, De wereld draait door
9. Mouna Goeman Borgesius Mouna Goeman Borgesius Actress, Toen was geluk heel gewoon
10. Marleen Scholten Marleen Scholten Actress, M'n dochter en ik
11. Wim Zomer Wim Zomer Actor, Amsterdamned
12. Wim T. Schippers Wim T. Schippers Writer, We zijn weer thuis
13. Bert Visscher Bert Visscher Self, Kopspijkers
14. Lieneke le Roux Lieneke le Roux Actress, Ik ook van jou
15. Karien Noordhoff Karien Noordhoff Actress, Keyzer & de Boer advocaten
16. Mark Ram Mark Ram Actor, Unit 13 Mark Ram started his career as a young actor on Dutch television in the 1990s with the television series The Partisans. The series was awarded a Golden Calf for best television drama. In the same period he also appeared as one of the main characters in the Dutch television series Unit 13. The series ran for three seasons...
17. Jan Mulder Jan Mulder Self, De wereld draait door
18. Ranomi Kromowidjojo Ranomi Kromowidjojo Self, 0,03 Seconde
19. Hugo Konings Hugo Konings Actor, De Club van Sinterklaas Born Groningen Holland Drama school Amsterdam 1996 Winner CJP award 2001 best play and actor (one man show)show co-starring also Winner Berlin festival award 2001 best play and actor. Kinderkast Televisieprijzen, award fiction, 2003 International award fiction 2004 TV knofje 2005-2013 Owner act2act drama school act2act Amsterdam. 1996 Music composer Warner Bross Holland
20. Henk Molenberg Henk Molenberg Actor, Pommetje Horlepiep
21. Maria Kooistra Maria Kooistra Actress, Simon
22. Margien van Doesen Margien van Doesen Actress, Kus
23. Marjon Brandsma Marjon Brandsma Actress, Doodslag
24. Loekie Knol Loekie Knol Actress, Kunt u mij de weg naar Hamelen vertellen, mijnheer?
25. Ewoud Heidanus Ewoud Heidanus Visual Effects, Interstellar
26. Jan Anne Drenth Jan Anne Drenth Actor, The Lift
27. Arjen Lubach Arjen Lubach Writer, De wereld draait door
28. Imca Marina Imca Marina Self, Mathilde Willink superpoes
29. Jacques D'Ancona Jacques D'Ancona Actor, 'n Beetje Verliefd
30. Teddy Schaank Teddy Schaank Actress, Pommetje Horlepiep
31. Carla Reitsma Carla Reitsma Actress, Pluk van de petteflet
32. Edwin Rutten Edwin Rutten Actor, De film van ome Willem
33. Debby Mansveld Debby Mansveld Self, Barend en Van Dorp
34. Carel Donck Carel Donck Writer, Moonlight
35. Herman Makkink Herman Makkink Art Department, A Clockwork Orange
36. Henk Nijboer Henk Nijboer Self, Pauw & Witteman
37. Bartina Koeman Bartina Koeman Self, Just the Two of Us
38. Helen van Meurs Helen van Meurs Actress, Mama is boos!
39. Lidewij Benus Lidewij Benus Actress, De weg naar Cádiz
40. Sven Sauër Sven Sauër Producer, Talking Guitars
41. Rene Frank Rene Frank Actor, Foreign Affairs
42. Seth Kamphuijs Seth Kamphuijs Actor, Black Book
43. Wim Hogenkamp Wim Hogenkamp Actor, Q & Q
44. Pete Hoekstra Pete Hoekstra Self, On Your Mark, Get Set, MOW!
45. Nanette Edens Nanette Edens Actress, Landje Born in 1969 in Groningen, the Netherlands. Diploma at drama-school in Arnhem 1991-1994. Freelancer since 1994, working for several theater-companies, until 2008 when she got a contract for five years at Het Zuidelijk Toneel. Since 2013 she's a freelancer again. At 12 September 2010 she won the dutch acting award Colombina 2010 for best supporting actress in Amora...
46. Elske Falkena Elske Falkena Casting Director, Oorlogswinter
47. Sander Leemans Sander Leemans Art Department, Nova Zembla
48. Merel Sanders Merel Sanders Actress, Hedwige
49. Hetty Beck Hetty Beck Actress, Het mes
50. Timur Perlin Timur Perlin Self, De slimste mens ter wereld
1-50 of 121 names.