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1. Tera Patrick Tera Patrick Actress, Rintihan kuntilanak perawan Tera Patrick's height (5'9"), exotic look (her mother is Thai and her father was an American Army doctor of English and Dutch descent) and spectacular body would seem more suited to a high-fashion model--which is exactly what she was, having spent five years as a model with the world-famous Ford Agency...
2. Pert Kelton Pert Kelton Actress, The Music Man Vaudevillain, Broadway player and, for one decade from 1929, screen actress often in comedic roles. She also appeared in character parts in a handful of 60s films. She is memorable as the original - and the most believable - Alice Kramden, wife of Ralph Kramden (immortalized by Jackie Gleason), in TV's "The Honeymooners." Kelton's performances took place (ca...
3. Missy Gold Missy Gold Actress, Benson
4. Barbara Luddy Barbara Luddy Actress, Sleeping Beauty
5. Ian MacDonald Ian MacDonald Actor, High Noon
6. Gerald R. Molen Gerald R. Molen Producer, Rain Man Gerald R. Molen is an amazing man. In a world of political correctness, he dared to produce the documentary, highly critical of Barack Obama, 2016: Obama's America and the 2014 documentary America. Gerald Molen is, however, no right wing shill, as some may think. He has produced such classic films as Minority Report...
7. Walter Coy Walter Coy Actor, The Searchers
8. Gregory Abbey Gregory Abbey Actor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gregory Abbey was born in Great Falls, Montana but spent his youth moving around the country as part of an Air Force Family. He went to high school in Nebraska and Montana and junior high in Missouri. Along the way he also made stops in Rhode Island, California and North Dakota. After studying acting at Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts with Bill Esper...
9. Terence Rosemore Terence Rosemore Actor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Terence Rosemore was born in Great Falls, Montana and raised in New Orleans where he got his start as an Actor in Ted Gilliam's Dashiki Theatre Company. He is an award winning Filmmaker and Actor who has appeared in dozens of feature films including Triple 9, The Nice Guys, When The Game Stands Tall...
10. Victoria Paris Victoria Paris Actress, Night Trips Victoria Paris is no one's "dumb blonde": she has a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and plans someday to write a book on the subject. She began her porn career in the late 1980s and didn't take long to reach the top. After supporting parts in several productions, her first starring film, Live in Love In--a take-off on Three's Company...
11. Jeff Leaf Jeff Leaf Actor, Orange Is the New Black
12. Buddy Sosthand Buddy Sosthand Stunts, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
13. Dorothy Coburn Dorothy Coburn Actress, The Finishing Touch Brunette, curvaceous Dorothy Coburn was the daughter of western actor/producer Wallace Coburn. She appeared in silent comedy shorts for Hal Roach, often as the quintessential flapper, society lady or nurse. Her most notable pairing was with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Her best-known appearances with the famous duo include The Second 100 Years (with Stan...
14. Michael Ayr Michael Ayr Actor, General Hospital
15. Bob Pepper Bob Pepper Actor, Angus Bob was born in Great Falls, Montana at the Columbus Hospital. He attended grade schools such as Roosevelt and Paris Gibson Junior High. His family, Mary (mother), James (father) and brother David moved to "Mid Canyon", 24 miles south of Cascade, Montana, living on the banks of the Missouri River. Bob landed his first Radio DJ position at the age of 16...
16. Rob Cox Rob Cox Actor, A River Runs Through It
17. Audree Norton Audree Norton Actress, Mannix Audree Norton was born in Great Falls, Montana and attended the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Gallaudet University in 1952. That same year she married Kenneth Norton in Houston, Texas. Her first appearance on television was in the mid-1950s doing live commercials for Royal Crown Cola on a Houston television station...
18. Austin Parker Austin Parker Writer, Something to Sing About
19. Lauren Emily Jacobs Lauren Emily Jacobs Actress, The Answer Man
20. Haila Stoddard Haila Stoddard Actress, The Secret Storm
21. Cyra McFadden Cyra McFadden Writer, Serial
22. Greg Korin Greg Korin Actor, Macbeth
23. Troy Murray Troy Murray Actor, Lion Troy built a computer when he was 12 and turned it into a mini film studio and uploaded all his first projects by creating a Youtube on Geocities before there was a Youtube. After college, and listening to a lot of "Losing My Edge" by LCD Soundsystem," he packed up all his belongings and moved to LA to follow his dream of being a film maker.
24. Jim Baker Jim Baker Actor, Flo
25. Travis Pell Travis Pell Art Department, Stockholm, Pennsylvania
26. Nick Meyer Nick Meyer Actor, MONOCHROME: The CHROMISM
27. Keith Hart Keith Hart Self, Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows
28. Stuart Yatsko Stuart Yatsko Self, 1982 NFL Draft
29. Dan Patterson Dan Patterson Visual Effects, The Avengers
30. Trever James Trever James Casting Department, The Voice
31. Elwon Bakly Elwon Bakly Actor, The Basket
32. Mike Holmes Mike Holmes Actor, Barricade
33. Jason Beam Jason Beam Miscellaneous Crew, Sweatshop Jason Beam is an artisan working in the Dark Art genre and has been working in the field of digital art since 1995. The illustrative story-telling of classic macabre tales intermixed with a surrealistic sensuality have made his style popular among gothic and horror enthusiasts, having crossed over into commercial design applications for writers...
34. Rolf Johnson Rolf Johnson Music Department, Pulp Fiction
35. Robert Shoquist Robert Shoquist Actor, Pizza Man vs. the Dude
36. Katie Geoghegan Katie Geoghegan Makeup Department, International Playboys' First Movie: Ghouls Gone Wild!
37. Catrina Marsh Catrina Marsh Casting Department, Shark Tank
38. Marq Piocos Marq Piocos Director, Four Months Until Fight Day MarQ is a graduate of Montana State University, where he majored in Film and Television. He gained acting and writing experience there, writing and producing several short films. He also got his start in radio at the college radio station KGLT. MarQ became a photojournalist and has journeyed across the country...
39. Anthony Ugrin Anthony Ugrin Camera and Electrical Department, My Blue Heaven
40. Scott Davis Scott Davis Self, 1994 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Competition and Exhibition Highlights
41. Derek Power Derek Power Director, The Key and the Frame
42. Kristi Zuelke Kristi Zuelke Actress, The Delicate Nature
43. E. McKnight Kauffer E. McKnight Kauffer Miscellaneous Crew, The Lodger
44. Virginia Hogen Virginia Hogen Actress, Song of the Islands
45. Dawnn Pavlonnis Dawnn Pavlonnis Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Grimm
46. Coby Karl Coby Karl Self, Rome Is Burning
47. Bryan Buchanan Bryan Buchanan Casting Department, Bronco Billy
48. Jason Seibel Jason Seibel Actor, Iron Ridge Jason was born in 1977 in Great Falls, Montana to Larry and Linda Seibel. Growing up, he always had an affinity for entertaining people. He wrote his first story in the first grade and begged the teacher to let him read it in front of the class. Titled "Neil and Jason Bond and the Case of the Red Ruby" (Neil was Jason's best friend at the time,) it was a hit, and he continued to write many more...
49. Tim Albrecht Tim Albrecht Miscellaneous Crew, Camp
50. Joni Berby Joni Berby Actress, Mom's Outta Sight
1-50 of 51 names.