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1. Peter Simonischek Peter Simonischek Actor, Toni Erdmann
2. Marisa Mell Marisa Mell Actress, Danger: Diabolik
3. Mick Blue Mick Blue Actor, Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge Austria, not only produced Hollywood action film star Arnold Schwarzenegger, but also the erotic film star Mick Blue. Born on September 9, 1976 in Graz, Austria, the same region as Schwarzenegger, this next-generation adult film stud began his exhibition work as a model in photo shoots for a Austrian magazine called OEKM...
4. Aglaia Szyszkowitz Aglaia Szyszkowitz Actress, Das Sams
5. Michael Glawogger Michael Glawogger Writer, Whores' Glory
6. Thomas Wanker Thomas Wanker Composer, 2012
7. Gerhard Liebmann Gerhard Liebmann Actor, Blood Glacier
8. Renee Pornero Renee Pornero Actress, Exitus II: House of Pain
9. Inge Morath Inge Morath Self, Copyright by Inge Morath
10. Markus Mueller Markus Mueller Cinematographer, Tata Markus studied filmmaking at Vienna's SAE Institute for Creative Media Education. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking from SAE's campus in Berlin via the Middlesex University of London. Directly out of school, Markus began working as an Assistant Camera Operator in documentary films. However...
11. Brigitte Kren Brigitte Kren Actress, Vier Frauen und ein Todesfall
12. Helmut Berger Helmut Berger Actor, Der gläserne Himmel
13. Joe Rabl Joe Rabl Stunts, Spectre Joe RABL was born in Graz, Western Styria, where the "Schilcher-wine" and the famous pumpkin seed oil are grown. Joe grew up not far from the home of the famous native Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger. It seems that this has influenced Joe in two ways at a very early stage in his life: His love to culinary delights and his passion for the movie business...
14. Elisabeth Lanz Elisabeth Lanz Actress, Rote Rosen
15. Andreas Guenther Andreas Guenther Actor, Conspiracy Andreas Guenther was born in 1973 in Graz, Austria. He grew up in Constance and attended the Waldorf school in Ueberlingen. After his graduation in 1995 he moved to Munich, where he earned his living as a bartender and had a job at a parcel service, before he started to work as a driver and a set production assistant for a film production company...
16. Jakob M. Erwa Jakob M. Erwa Director, Homesick
17. Julian Weigend Julian Weigend Actor, Lammbock
18. Carl Mayer Carl Mayer Writer, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Carl Meyer was the son of a stock speculator who committed suicide. He had to leave school at 15 to work as a secretary. Mayer moved away from Graz to Innsbruck and then Vienna, where he worked as a dramatist. Meanwhile, the events of the First World War turned him into a pacifist. In 1917 he went to Berlin...
19. Elizabeth McNeill Elizabeth McNeill Writer, 9½ Weeks
20. Jack Gustav Jack Gustav Actor, Band of Brothers Born in the Austrian Alps. Started out as a professional football (soccer) goalkeeper. Moved to London to play in the United Kingdom, but had to stop playing due to injuries. After appearing in many TV commercials and various publications, he moved into the film business.
21. Claudia Scarpatetti Claudia Scarpatetti Actress, Verbotene Liebe
22. Nikolaus Leytner Nikolaus Leytner Director, Ein halbes Leben
23. Martina Zinner Martina Zinner Actress, Antares
24. Martina Poel Martina Poel Actress, Vier Frauen und ein Todesfall
25. Doris Kirchner Doris Kirchner Actress, Where the Lark Sings
26. Pia Hierzegger Pia Hierzegger Actress, Der Knochenmann
27. Franz Buchrieser Franz Buchrieser Actor, Das Arche Noah Prinzip
28. Alexander Grill Alexander Grill Actor, Wenn Mädchen zum Manöver blasen
29. Markus Nestroy Markus Nestroy Cinematographer, Above and Below
30. Bernd Fischerauer Bernd Fischerauer Director, Mozart - Ich hätte München Ehre gemacht
31. Karl Böhm Karl Böhm Music Department, The Shawshank Redemption
32. David Rauchenberger David Rauchenberger Actor, Michael
33. Archduke Franz Ferdinand Archduke Franz Ferdinand Self, Review of the Austrian Army Born on December 18, 1863, the eldest son of Archduke Karl-Ludwig von Habsburg and his wife, Princess Annunziata di Borbone, Franz Ferdinand was third in line to the thrown of the Austro-Hungarian Empire upon his birth. After his cousin Crown Prince Rudolf committed suicide in 1889 and his father died in 1896...
34. Antonia Reininghaus Antonia Reininghaus Actress, Der Mädchenkrieg
35. Rudolf Lenz Rudolf Lenz Actor, Fox and His Friends
36. Eva Spreitzhofer Eva Spreitzhofer Writer, Schnell ermittelt
37. Eva Astor Eva Astor Actress, St. Pauli Herbertstraße
38. Stefan Puntigam Stefan Puntigam Actor, Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast
39. Michael Rast Michael Rast Actor, Before the Fall
40. Harald Posch Harald Posch Actor, Spurensuche
41. Thomas Glavinic Thomas Glavinic Writer, Der Kameramörder
42. Kevin Kopacka Kevin Kopacka Director, Hades Kevin Kopacka is an Austrian artist and director. He grew up in Graz and moved to Berlin, Germany in 2006. In 2007 he started his studies of Fine Art at the University of Arts, Berlin until he graduated in 2012. At the moment he lives and works in Berlin. His work often deals with paranormal and metaphysical elements.
43. Liesl Löwinger Liesl Löwinger Actress, Die späte Heirat
44. Thomas Roth Thomas Roth Director, Falco - Verdammt, wir leben noch!
45. Harry Lampl Harry Lampl Actor, Blutsfreundschaft
46. Stefanie Dvorak Stefanie Dvorak Actress, Dorfers Donnerstalk
47. Robert Stolz Robert Stolz Composer, 13 Sins
48. Sissy Löwinger Sissy Löwinger Actress, Der teure Johann
49. Otwin Biernat Otwin Biernat Director, Im Auge des Betrachters - Point of view Otwin Biernat was born in Graz, Austria. After studying drama in Vienna, he worked as an actor and director in several theatre productions. In 2009, Otwin moved to Berlin where he joined forces with other international actors and directors to form "Theatrum Berlin", a movement to realize experimental theatre projects...
50. Trude Marlen Trude Marlen Actress, Die Liebe siegt
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