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1. Gemma Arterton Gemma Arterton Actress, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Gemma Christina Arterton was born in Gravesend, Kent, England, where she was raised. She is the daughter of Sally-Anne (Heap), a cleaner, and Barry J. Arterton, a welder. Her mother's cousin is singer-songwriter Eric Goulden. Her parents divorced when she was age five, and Gemma subsequently lived with her younger sister and her mother...
2. Nikki Runeckles Nikki Runeckles Actress, The Bad Education Movie
3. Hannah Arterton Hannah Arterton Actress, The Five
4. Tom Brittney Tom Brittney Actor, Outlander
5. Andy Pandini Andy Pandini Actor, Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels
6. Chris Simmons Chris Simmons Actor, The Bill
7. Harry Reid Harry Reid Actor, EastEnders
8. Tony Discipline Tony Discipline Actor, EastEnders
9. Quentin Lawrence Quentin Lawrence Director, The Crawling Eye
10. Katy-Jo Howman Katy-Jo Howman Actress, Brush Strokes
11. Robert Grange Robert Grange Actor, The Bunker
12. Ian Ramsey Ian Ramsey Actor, Oliver!
13. Cecil Holland Cecil Holland Actor, Beautiful Belinda Father of Meg Sargent, portrait artist and actress. Cecil Claude Holland was born in Gravesend-On-Thames, England, son of Richard Henry Holland, an English sea captain. At the age of sixteen he sailed from England to Vancouver, B.C., where he disembarked and began a new life in the Americas. He helped with the reconstruction of San Francisco after the earthquake of 1906...
14. John F. Kearney John F. Kearney Actor, Escape Of Irish descent, John Kearney began his career as a journalist in England, UK before moving to the US to pursue a career in film. The majority of his work was in extra or "walk-on" roles and some bit parts in prestige films. His only starring role to date is "Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death," a role he won exclusively for having an "authentic-sounding" English accent.
15. Louis Findlay Louis Findlay Actor, Days to Come Louis Findlay is a versatile actor from Kent. As a boy he began acting at a local theatre during the summer holidays and took occasional classes of a weekend. Equipped with an avid interest in performing he was encouraged by his grandmother to pursue an acting career and quickly enrolled him into Sylvia Young Theatre School...
16. Leonard Ceeley Leonard Ceeley Actor, A Day at the Races
17. Bernard Jukes Bernard Jukes Actor, The Sap from Syracuse
18. Mary Spain Mary Spain Miscellaneous Crew, And Soon the Darkness Award-winning British poet. Published her first collection "An Ever Fixed mark in 1973. Her present collection has been been broadcast and published in leading magazines in the UK and the USA. 1988 Winner of The American Golden Poet Award. Her poems are used in the syllabus for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art...
19. Maud Milton Maud Milton Actress, The Old Wood Carver
20. Philip Hewland Philip Hewland Actor, The Secret of the Moor
21. Katharine Hamnett Katharine Hamnett Self, The 80s: Ten Years That Changed Britain
22. Ralph Tovey Ralph Tovey Actor, The Benedict Plan
23. Kieran Williams Kieran Williams Writer, Know You Not Kieran was born in Gravesend and lived there for the first 8 years of his life. He moved to Cumbria, UK for a year, and later relocated back to Gravesend at the age of 10. While growing up, Kieran aspired to become an architect and persisted to study relatable subjects at his school, Northfleet Technology College...
24. Thomas A. Walker Thomas A. Walker Self, Spatsizi
25. Claire Storey Claire Storey Actress, id-iology
26. Matthew Crane Matthew Crane Self, Let Me Entertain You
27. Oliver Medhurst Oliver Medhurst Actor, Outlaw
28. Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Soundtrack, He's Just Not That Into You
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