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1. Hank Braxtan Hank Braxtan Producer, Chemical Peel Hank was born and raised in Grand Junction, Colorado; this would be his greatest accomplishment until dropping out of film school at age 26. Even from a very early age, Hank showed a genuine interest in being entertained. In 1998, he put his lack of ambition on hold and joined the US Army as an Intelligence Analyst...
2. Tyson Turrou Tyson Turrou Actor, Justified
3. Kelly Brooks Kelly Brooks Actress, Swingers Sex Party
4. Josh Souza Josh Souza Self, Big Brother Television Show Creator, Executive Producer, Director, & Entertainment Business Founder: In 2010, Josh Souza founded the Ocean Models agency in Miami Beach. In 2012, he created a reality television show about the agency, then sold & distributed the show internationally. From 2006 to 2010, Mr. Souza...
5. John Newton John Newton Actor, The Stuff
6. Shana Zadrick Shana Zadrick Actress, Inferno
7. Lorenzo Olson Lorenzo Olson Writer, Protector
8. Matt Brunner Matt Brunner Director, Dark Void
9. Jerry Hulse Jerry Hulse Writer, Family of Strangers
10. Heather Irvin Heather Irvin Actress, Finding Home: A Feature Film for National Adoption Day
11. Eric Michaels Eric Michaels Actor, Baby Back Baby Gravy Born in Grand Junction, Colorado, Eric Michaels began performing at the age of 3 when his parents noticed his singing talent. From then on, he began doing singing competitions and musicals. His parents began flying him to Los Angeles for auditions at the age of 13. Eric finished high school and moved to Hollywood in 2009...
12. Thomas Horton Thomas Horton Director, Misdirection
13. Frank Cantrell Frank Cantrell Actor, Seduced by Evil Frank was born in Grand Junction, Colorado, and lived for a long time in Alamogordo, New Mexico. He has been a truck driver most of his life. He has been married 3 times. His third wife, Rhonda helped him to get into acting and he tried to pursue his dream for a long time acting career. He went back to driving truck to support his family but he still does some extras work in movies...
14. Josh Roseberry Josh Roseberry Actor, Volume 2
15. Anthony Frohlich Anthony Frohlich Director, 8. Try Heroin
16. Creed Coley Creed Coley Actor, Summer of the Cicada
17. Bill Musgrave Bill Musgrave Self, Super Bowl XXIX
17 names.