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1. Antonio Velázquez Antonio Velázquez Actor, Cuatro lunas
2. Federico García Lorca Federico García Lorca Writer, La novia Federíco Garcia Lorca was born in the south of Spain (Andalusia) in 1898 and soon became the region's most famous artist. A poet, playwright, artist, musician and lecturer, he wrote groundbreaking plays such as 'Blood Wedding' and 'Yerma'. His support of the Spanish Republic in the 1930s led to his execution in 1936.
3. Elisa Montés Elisa Montés Actress, Texas, Adios Her first acting steps took place on stage. In movies, her films can be divided in two periods: The first 10 years, usually embodying young angelic or prudish wives and the next 15 years, taking part in a wide number of co-productions. After the 70s, she has preferably dedicated to television and stage.
4. Cristina Peña Cristina Peña Self, El intermedio
5. Antonio Pagudo Antonio Pagudo Actor, La que se avecina
6. Miguel Puga Miguel Puga Art Department, Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon
7. Estrella Morente Estrella Morente Soundtrack, Volver
8. Chus Gutiérrez Chus Gutiérrez Director, El Calentito Chus Gutierrez (Birth Name: María Jesús Gutiérrez) was born in Granada, Spain in 1962. In 1970, her family moved to Madrid. At the age of 17, she moved to London to learn English. At age 21, she moved to New York to study film-making at Global Village, under the tutelage of Fred Barney Taylor. Ms. Gutierrez initially worked with Super 8...
9. Miguel Gallardo Miguel Gallardo Soundtrack, Gitano
10. Ignacio Guirado Ignacio Guirado Actor, Jab Tak Hai Jaan Ignacio was born in Granada (Spain) in 1992. He always was interested on both, languages and acting. In 2003, at the age of 10, he took part in the Spanish film "The End of a Mystery". He left his acting career behind to focus on his studies. He travelled a lot to improve his language capacities. He has visited many countries as USA...
11. Antonio Carmona Antonio Carmona Actor, Gitano
12. Sebastián Haro Sebastián Haro Actor, Pan's Labyrinth
13. Sauce Ena Sauce Ena Actress, Sexy Dream
14. José Campos José Campos Actor, Crypt of the Vampire
15. Tacho González Tacho González Writer, Arrayán
16. Mauricio Bautista Mauricio Bautista Actor, Intacto
17. Mary Carmen Ramírez Mary Carmen Ramírez Actress, Belle Epoque
18. Pepe Pleguezuelos Pepe Pleguezuelos Sound Department, Youth
19. Miguel Hermoso Miguel Hermoso Director, Truhanes
20. Joan Riedweg Joan Riedweg Director, Xtrems
21. Alfonso Begara Alfonso Begara Actor, Bandolera
22. Ana de Mier y Ortuño Ana de Mier y Ortuño Editorial Department, The Three Musketeers
23. Miguel Ríos Miguel Ríos Self, El gusto es nuestro
24. Ana Velázquez Ana Velázquez Actress, Arrayán
25. Jaime Peñafiel Jaime Peñafiel Self, La noria
26. Eduardo Galdo Eduardo Galdo Writer, Arrayán
27. Juan María Ruiz Córdoba Juan María Ruiz Córdoba Writer, Policías, en el corazón de la calle
28. Juan Carmona Juan Carmona Composer, Flamenco
29. Antonio Requena Antonio Requena Actor, Pipas
30. Carmen Tomás Carmen Tomás Self, Telediario
31. Pare Manel Pare Manel Thanks, Pepe & Rubianes
32. Pepe Quero Pepe Quero Actor, El Príncipe
33. Rosa Rosa Self, The Eurovision Song Contest Rosa López represented Spain at the 2002 Eurovision Song-festival (held in Tallinn) with the song 'Europe's Living A Celebration'. Since the program 'Operación Triunfo' was broadcast on channel TVE, Rosa has impressed the hearts of Spain with her exceptional voice, her openness and humility. Rosa has turned into the first Cinderella of the 21st century...
34. Fidel Lorite Fidel Lorite Writer, Mrs. Carrington
35. Juan Habichuela Juan Habichuela Music Department, Casacueva y escenario
36. Fran Dieli Fran Dieli Self, ¡Qué tiempo tan feliz!
37. Natalio Rivas Natalio Rivas Self, La malcasada
38. Mar Torres Mar Torres Self, Aquí hay tomate
39. Pablo Cantos Pablo Cantos Writer, Gato por Goya
40. Carlos Cano Carlos Cano Self, La gala 95
41. Francisco Sánchez Francisco Sánchez Cinematographer, Crónicas de un pueblo
42. José Martín Recuerda José Martín Recuerda Writer, Las salvajes en Puente San Gil
43. Manuel Fiestas Moreno Manuel Fiestas Moreno Camera and Electrical Department, Amar en tiempos revueltos
44. Enrique Morente Enrique Morente Soundtrack, Volver
45. Javier Valenzuela Javier Valenzuela Self, Los desayunos de TVE
46. Luis García Montero Luis García Montero Writer, Aunque tú no lo sepas
47. Ángel Martínez Ángel Martínez Director, Se alquila
48. Tico Medina Tico Medina Director, Mayores sin reparos
49. Candi López Candi López Self, Gran hermano
50. Gelu Gelu Self, Especial Nochevieja 1964: Feliz año nuevo
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