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1. Ashley Judd Ashley Judd Actress, Divergent
2. Ty Miller Ty Miller Actor, U.S. Seals
3. Kohl Sudduth Kohl Sudduth Actor, Bowfinger Kohl Sudduth was born on August 8, 1974, in Granada Hills, California, and grew up in Circleville, Ohio. He earned a B.A. in English at Ohio University before moving to New York City at age 21 to pursue an acting career. After gaining experience in a handful of films, he landed a supporting role in Bowfinger starring Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy...
4. Lesley Aletter Lesley Aletter Stunts, 24 Lesley Aletter was brought up in the entertainment business with acting parents, mother Lee Meriwether and father Frank Aletter. With an older sister, Kyle Aletter, who also had the acting bug, Lesley, of course, tried to follow that same road. But with the ups and downs of getting one job to losing another...
5. Debi Diamond Debi Diamond Actress, Latex One of the true pioneers in the adult-film business, Debi Diamond grew up in the San Fernando Valley, drag-racing motorcycles. She came from an old Hollywood family, and was pushed into acting at an early age but never really liked it. On her 18th birthday (1983) she made her first X-rated film and became an instant star...
6. Chrystine Jordan Chrystine Jordan Actress, The Late Edition
7. Mitchell Jarvis Mitchell Jarvis Actor, Fate Mitchell Jarvis was born in Granada Hills, CA, and raised in Burnsville, MN. The son of Gary and Jennifer Jarvis. He has two sisters; Rachel and Amanda. The family toured through Mitchell's childhood as a musical act known as; The Jarvis Family. With an eye on the Broadway stage he studied theatre at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh...
8. Mason Moore Mason Moore Actress, Slutty & Sluttier 11
9. Taylor Starr Taylor Starr Actress, Black Ass Addiction 6
10. Joe Chacon Joe Chacon Actor, Battle for Haditha Joe Chacon was born and raised in the San Fernando valley, CA; in a rough area were gangs were a problem. His father made sure he stayed away from gangs and trouble by keeping him active in sports and the martial arts all throughout his child, adolescence and young adulthood. He taught him that hard work and responsibility will take you far in life...
11. Jeffrey Reyes Jeffrey Reyes Art Department, Saw Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Jeff was already steps away from the film industry. Since he was a teenager Jeff made his own living as a Photographer, Promoter, and Graphic Designer. In 2004, he left college as a Criminal Sciences Major, to join the United States Army. He served in Ramadi...
12. Rick Spalla Rick Spalla Producer, Drain Baby Coming from a strong family history in Hollywood, Rick Spalla has been involved in film and television production for over thirty years. His father, Rick Spalla Sr., is regarded in the Hollywood production community for pioneering the format of the entertainment news magazine show during the decade of the sixties...
13. Jason Griffiths Jason Griffiths Camera and Electrical Department, Iron Man
14. Seth M. Shulman Seth M. Shulman Editor, Walking in My Sleep Seth Shulman is an award winning director, editor, writer & cinematographer who has worked in film and television production for the last 14 years. He began film making at an early age. His skills were challenged further in high school under the guidance of Oscar nominated Writer/Produce/Director, David Massey...
15. Jessica Jeensalute Jessica Jeensalute Actress, Nowhere Angels
16. Lindsey Sjoberg Lindsey Sjoberg Art Department, The 40-Year-Old Virgin
17. Daniel R. Mariscal Daniel R. Mariscal Actor, The Concrete Jungle
18. Nestor Tapia Nestor Tapia Actor, Abby
19. Harper LeBel Harper LeBel Self, Chicago Bears vs. St. Louis Rams
20. Christine Michelle Crone Christine Michelle Crone Miscellaneous Crew, Politically Incorrect
21. Manny Fernandez Manny Fernandez Casting Department, The Tudors
22. Ted Popson Ted Popson Self, Super Bowl XXIX
23. Tim Beckett Tim Beckett Art Director, Hatchet
24. Oscar J. Flores Oscar J. Flores Miscellaneous Crew, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
25. Robert Niblett Robert Niblett Camera and Electrical Department, Zombie Prom
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