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1. Richard Dawson Richard Dawson Actor, The Running Man Richard Dawson was born Colin Lionel Emm on November 20, 1932 in Gosport, Hampshire, England. When he was 14, he joined the Merchant Marines and served for three years. During that time, he made money boxing. He had to lie about his age and remain tough so the older guys would not hassle him. In the late 1950s...
2. Bob Anderson Bob Anderson Stunts, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
3. Ian Bartholomew Ian Bartholomew Actor, A Prayer for the Dying
4. Jennifer Lonsdale Jennifer Lonsdale Actress, Mice at Play: Part 2
5. Anna Barry Anna Barry Actress, Your Highness
6. Robert Morris Robert Morris Actor, Frankenstein Created Woman
7. Susan Denny Susan Denny Actress, Tales from the Crypt
8. Liz Edmiston Liz Edmiston Actress, Existence
9. Jonathan Routh Jonathan Routh Actor, Casino Royale
10. James Richardson James Richardson Actor, The Miracle of Peckham
11. James Pilott James Pilott Editor, Inanimate Copject
12. Freyja Faraday Freyja Faraday Actress, Rufus Stone Born on the 22nd November in Hampshire, Freyja grew up in the harbour town of Gosport with her English mother, Italian father and younger brother. Animal lover and of the outdoors, she often walked the forest tracks near family town. Early Life From a very early age she had interests in acting, but had to wait until her teenage years before she could properly address her dream...
13. Stuart Rose Stuart Rose Self, Episode dated 26 March 2015
14. Graham Maby Graham Maby Actor, Peggy Sue Got Married
15. Alfred J. West Alfred J. West Cinematographer, The New Republic Alfred John West (1857-1937) was a film pioneer active from 1897 to 1913 and an award winning marine photographer from the mid 1880s to 1900. His family were all involved in the business founded by his photographer father, (also a Master Carpenter) George West at 97 High Street in Gosport. He later moved to 'Rozel' at 7 Villiers Road...
16. Arthur Upfield Arthur Upfield Writer, Boney and the Emu Man
16 names.