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1. Fritz Karl Fritz Karl Actor, Grave Decisions
2. Conchita Wurst Conchita Wurst Self, Episode dated 25 September 2014
3. Gregor Narholz Gregor Narholz Soundtrack, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
4. Klaus Eberhartinger Klaus Eberhartinger Self, Die Great Hadern Show
5. Marie Colbin Marie Colbin Actress, Der Fall Bachmeier - Keine Zeit für Tränen Marie Colbin is an Austrian actress who attended the Mozarteum Actors School in Salzburg, Austria. Her first important part was in Peter Turrini's play "Rozznjogd" (rat hunt) in 1977. In the Eighties she starred in numerous movies and TV-productions. Today, Colbin lives as a photographer and author in Berlin, Germany, and Salzburg.
6. Levente Szörényi Levente Szörényi Composer, István, a király
7. Stefan Wancura Stefan Wancura Actor, Vatertag
8. August Pepöck August Pepöck Composer, Romance
8 names.