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1. Simon Pegg Simon Pegg Actor, Shaun of the Dead English actor, writer and comedian Simon Pegg was born Simon John Beckingham in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, to Gillian Rosemary (Smith), a civil servant, and John Henry Beckingham, a jazz musician. His parents divorced when Pegg was seven. He later took his stepfather's surname, "Pegg". He was educated...
2. Yasmin Bannerman Yasmin Bannerman Actress, Hollyoaks
3. Nathan Sykes Nathan Sykes Self, E! Entertainment Special: Ryan Seacrest with the Wanted Nathan James Sykes was born on April 18, 1993 to parents Harry Sykes and Karen in Abbeydale, Gloucester. He started singing and performing at the age of 6 and attended Sylvia Young's theatre school at the age of 11. He auditioned to represent the UK in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004. However, he finished third in the competition...
4. Samuel Victor Samuel Victor Actor, LiveJustine Samuel Victor is a British feature film and television actor, producer, director, writer and cinematographer, best known for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, LiveJustine, Man in the Mirror, Night of the Living 3D Dead and The Perfect Love Song. He has been executive producer of several projects in the USA including space epic The Last Scout...
5. Monica Sims Monica Sims Producer, Peridot Flight
6. Matthew John Matthew John Director, Hedda Gabler
7. Marjorie Fielding Marjorie Fielding Actress, The Lavender Hill Mob
8. David Gladwell David Gladwell Editor, If....
9. Douglas Blackwell Douglas Blackwell Actor, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
10. Charlie Stayt Charlie Stayt Self, Breakfast
11. Lilian Oldland Lilian Oldland Actress, Jealousy
12. Chris Wynn Chris Wynn Actor, Dead Crazy
13. Berkely Mather Berkely Mather Writer, Dr. No
14. Rich Johnston Rich Johnston Actor, Shaun of the Dead Rich Johnston is best known for writing the gossip/rumor column on the comics industry, Lying In The Gutters. He's also written a number of comic books including "The Flying Friar" and "Rich Johnston's Holed Up". He's written for comedy shows on the TV, radio and stage though he currently works in advertising...
15. Edith Bratt Edith Bratt
16. William Ernest Henley William Ernest Henley Writer, The Captain
17. J.I. Packer J.I. Packer Self, The Evidence for Heaven
18. Helen Resuggan Helen Resuggan Actress, The Faction of Farce Helen was born in Gloucester, England to parents Sandra Resuggan (a civil servant) who was a talented actress and singer with the local amateur dramatics society, and Edward Resuggan (maintenance fitter) who also performed on stage on occasions. Enjoying acting as a child, Helen appeared on stage several times with the local amateur dramatics society and also singing in local events...
19. Alan Rogers Alan Rogers Transportation Department, Waking Ned Devine
20. Ally Goodman Ally Goodman Actor, Expiry Date
21. Michael Hurd Michael Hurd Composer, Scrubbers
22. Tom Goddard Tom Goddard
23. Elanor Grimes Elanor Grimes Actress, Clatterford
24. Alexander Kaminski Alexander Kaminski Visual Effects, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
25. Chris Wilson Chris Wilson Visual Effects, Batman Begins
26. Hugh Worsnip Hugh Worsnip Self, Born to Kill?
27. Alastair Cook Alastair Cook Self, The National Television Awards 2011
28. L. Allen Harker L. Allen Harker Writer, Marigold British novelist Lizzie Allen Harker was born Lizzie Watson in Gloucester, England, in 1863. She was educated at Cheltenham Ladies College, and later married James Allen Harker, a professor at the Royal Agricultural University at Cirencester, where she remained until her death. She began her writing career with short stories...
29. Jane Grigson Jane Grigson Self, Matters of Taste
30. Adam Pearce Adam Pearce
31. Graeme Parker Graeme Parker Self, Walter Hammond - A Cricketing Great
32. Mrs. E. Almaz Stout Mrs. E. Almaz Stout Writer, Women Who Win
33. W. Cameron Johnson W. Cameron Johnson Production Designer, Cross Road Cameron-Johnson was dedicated to the Moral Rearmament (MRA) movement. Demobilised from the Coldstream Guards in 1947, he trained as an illustrator. He became a theatre and film designer, graphic artist, book illustrator and cartoonist, predominantly for MRA. His cartoon handbook "Where do we go from here?" is an intenational best-seller in its field.
34. Jayne Lloyd Jayne Lloyd Actress, Trollied
35. Gilbert Phelps Gilbert Phelps Writer, Wish You Were There
36. Vicky Holland Vicky Holland Self, Commonwealth Games
37. Tom Cottey Tom Cottey Director, Modern Panic
38. Jennie Hughes Jennie Hughes Actress, Venice Knights
39. Bomber Wells Bomber Wells Self, Grace & Favour: A Portrait of Gloucestershire CCC
40. Angela Brooking Angela Brooking Actress, A Stranger on the Hills
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