50 names.

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1. Arturo Fernández Arturo Fernández Actor, Tocata y fuga de Lolita
2. Paula Prendes Paula Prendes Actress, Pienso, luego existes
3. Germán Robles Germán Robles Actor, Fray Bartolomé de las Casas
4. Roberto Álvarez Roberto Álvarez Actor, Talk to Her
5. Blanca Romero Blanca Romero Actress, The End
6. Demetrio González Demetrio González Actor, Dos corazones y un cielo
7. Susana Estrada Susana Estrada Actress, El jovencito Drácula
8. María Cotiello María Cotiello Actress, Las 13 rosas
9. Roberto F. Canuto Roberto F. Canuto Writer, Toto Forever Roberto F. Canuto is a filmmaker from Gijon (Asturias), Spain. He obtained his bachelors degree in Image and Sound at the Complutense University of Madrid in 1998. During his years of study he worked as a film critic in different magazines, as "Voz en Off" (also editor) and he analyzed and get influenced by many classic directors after frequent sessions at the Spanish Cinemateque...
10. Tato Loché Tato Loché Actor, No lo llames amor... llámalo X
11. Natalia Estrada Natalia Estrada Self, Armas de seducción
12. Walter Cornás Walter Cornás Actor, La casa por la ventana Walter Cornás was born on October 12, 1978 in Gijón, Asturias, Spain. He lives in Buenos Aires since 1990. He is an actor and production Designer, known for Plaga Zombie (1997), 20.000 Besos (2013) and Filmatron (2007). As an production designer, he is known for Vino para Robar (2013), Necrofobia (2014) and El Campo (2011).
13. Eva Lesmes Eva Lesmes Director, The Hold-Up
14. Antonio Castro Antonio Castro Actor, Código natural
15. Ramón Lluís Bande Ramón Lluís Bande Director, El fulgor
16. Lara Álvarez Lara Álvarez Self, 200
17. Ramón Quesada Ramón Quesada Actor, The Sleeping Voice
18. Iván Laxe Iván Laxe Composer, 18 Meals
19. Jessica Alonso Jessica Alonso Self, Retransmisión de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012
20. Santiago Carrillo Santiago Carrillo Self, Ángel Llorca: El último ensayo
21. José Manuel 'Pipi' Estrada José Manuel 'Pipi' Estrada Self, Un país de cuento
22. Rosabel Berrocal Rosabel Berrocal Actress, El vivo retrato
23. Pedro Pérez Pedro Pérez Self, La pantalla herida
24. Carlos Blanco Carlos Blanco Writer, Red Fish
25. Paco Ignacio Taibo II Paco Ignacio Taibo II Writer, Loving Ghosts
26. Juanma Castaño Juanma Castaño Self, 2011: ¡¿Estamos contentos?!
27. Alicia Álvarez Alicia Álvarez Self, A través de la noche urbana
28. Paco Ignacio Taibo Paco Ignacio Taibo Writer, Redondo
29. Danny Daniel Danny Daniel Soundtrack, Golden Balls
30. Miguel Ángel Muñiz Miguel Ángel Muñiz Miscellaneous Crew, Estación de carretera
31. Juan Tizón Juan Tizón Cinematographer, Vänlig
32. Natalia Calvo Natalia Calvo Director, Tecnología Punta After studying Medieval Archaeology, Natalia start to work as a writer, book corrector and coordinator on Semana Negra de Gijón. In 2012 she started writing screenplays and also had the opportunity to shoot "Tecnología Punta" (Hi-Tech). Now she's preparing a few projects more and starting his career as a writer and director.
33. Florentino Soria Florentino Soria Writer, Sabata the Killer
34. Félix Corcuera Félix Corcuera Actor, 1939
35. Nicky Villanueva Nicky Villanueva Self, Gran Hermano: El reencuentro
36. Vicente Álvarez Areces Vicente Álvarez Areces Self, Episode dated 23 March 2010
37. Ángel Rabanal Ángel Rabanal Writer, La Valentina
38. Juan Luis Súarez Juan Luis Súarez Self, Los nº1 de 40 en concierto
39. Inés Paz Inés Paz Self, Episode dated 21 June 2013
40. Mónica Gallardo Mónica Gallardo Self, Episode #4.15
41. Ángeles Caso Ángeles Caso Self, Episode dated 5 February 1987
42. José Ramón Pardo José Ramón Pardo Writer, Episode dated 12 September 1998
43. Mari Carmen Taibo Mari Carmen Taibo Actress, National Mechanics The wife of Paco Ignacio Taibo, was his childhood sweetheart and came with him and his son to Mexico in 1959. She was a close friend to Luis Buñuel and many other important exiled personalities. She is a very weell-known and loved socialite in Mexico City, and her cooking (all spanish homemade) is legendary.
44. Mar Álvarez Mar Álvarez Self, A través de la noche urbana
45. Marcos Fernández Marcos Fernández Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, 33
46. Miguel de Palacios Miguel de Palacios Soundtrack, La corte de Faraón
47. David Borrego David Borrego Actor, David Chánatos y sus amigos
48. Coloma Fernández Armero Coloma Fernández Armero Writer, Nada en la nevera
49. Mercedes Fernández Mercedes Fernández Self, Episode dated 14 March 2012
50. Ángela Pumariega Ángela Pumariega Self, Retransmisión de los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012
50 names.