5 names.

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1. Kay-Sölve Richter Kay-Sölve Richter Actress, RTL aktuell
2. Thorsten Nickel Thorsten Nickel Actor, Thunderbolt Thorsten Nickel was born in Gifhorn, Germany. After school he went to the air force and completed a profession as a forwarding agent. Following this he moved to London to go to acting school but also studied Homoeopathy for several years. Thorsten trained in Karate (2nd Dan), boxing and thai- boxing and keeps himself in shape working the bags and running...
3. Katharina M. Schubert Katharina M. Schubert Actress, Ein Geschenk der Götter
4. Anna Montanaro Anna Montanaro Actress, Swing Kids
5. René Oltmanns René Oltmanns Actor, Sturm der Liebe
5 names.