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1. Louis Mahoney Louis Mahoney Actor, Captain Phillips Gambian Louis Felix Danner Mahoney was born on Septenber 8 1938 and originally came to England to train as a doctor. However he abandoned medicine for the stage,enrolling at acting school in the 1970s. He has also been a tireless campaigner for racial equality in his profession,as a member of the Equity Afro-Asian Committee and as co-creator,with Mike Phillips,of the Black Theatre Workshop...
2. Haddy Jallow Haddy Jallow Actress, Säg att du älskar mig
3. Omar Fye Omar Fye Writer, Vilsen
4. Mulie Jarju Mulie Jarju Actor, Las cartas de Alou
5. Buba Badjie Buba Badjie Self, Expedition: Robinson
6. Babou Cham Babou Cham Actor, L'auberge espagnole
6 names.