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1. Doina Teodoru Doina Teodoru Actress, Happy Meal
2. Crina Semciuc Crina Semciuc Actress, Wilde Maus
3. Cristian Iacob Cristian Iacob Actor, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
4. Sorin Tofan Sorin Tofan Actor, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Sorin Tofan is a well-known Romanian entertainer with more-than 20-year's experience as an actor and writer. With a degree in acting obtained in Bucharest in 1995, Tofan joined a series of high-profile theatre troupes, beginning with his first role at The State Theatre in Arad, Romania. He has since performed in hundreds of productions...
5. Camelia Zorlescu Camelia Zorlescu Actress, Medalia de onoare
6. Claudia Susanu Claudia Susanu Actress, Bacalaureat
7. Paul Calinescu Paul Calinescu Director, Floarea reginei
8. Miriam Spoerri Miriam Spoerri Actress, Porträt eines Helden
9. Toma Dimitriu Toma Dimitriu Actor, Mitrea Cocor
10. Costel Constantin Costel Constantin Actor, Portile albastre ale orasului
11. Daniel Spoerri Daniel Spoerri Director, La manège de Petit Pierre
12. Lucian Diaconu Lucian Diaconu Camera and Electrical Department, Bunraku
13. Marcel Bogos Marcel Bogos Production Designer, Swashbuckler
14. Valeria Gagialov Valeria Gagialov Actress, La 'Moara cu noroc'
15. Ileana Cotrubas Ileana Cotrubas Actress, A Midsummer Night's Dream
16. Cosmina Larisa Dobrota Cosmina Larisa Dobrota Actress, 15 Minute
17. Anna Elisabeth Weihrauch Anna Elisabeth Weihrauch Writer, Es lebe die Liebe
18. Mircea Gheorghiu Mircea Gheorghiu Camera and Electrical Department, O seara la Revista Mircea Gheorghiu studied Ion Cojar's acting method under Ion Cojar himself at what is now called the National University of Theatre and Film from Bucharest. He had a short acting career at the National Theater from Bucharest, while dedicating to his teaching career at the National University of Theatre and Film...
19. Renato Solca Renato Solca Visual Effects, Kill Command
20. Tudor Caranfil Tudor Caranfil Actor, È pericoloso sporgersi
21. Radu Lupu Radu Lupu Soundtrack, The Happening
22. Valentin-Narcis Sturzu Valentin-Narcis Sturzu Director, Satul Ingerilor Tristi
23. Felix Bernstein Felix Bernstein Miscellaneous Crew, Hitler's Madman
24. Mona Telega Mona Telega Miscellaneous Crew, The Legend of Galgameth
25. Radu Dunareanu Radu Dunareanu Actor, Forest of the Hanged
26. Theodor Grigoriu Theodor Grigoriu Composer, Forest of the Hanged
27. Temistocle Popa Temistocle Popa Composer, Examen
28. Ciprian Brasoveanu Ciprian Brasoveanu Actor, Cafe Journal
29. Razvan Hîncu Razvan Hîncu Actor, Domnisoara Christina
30. Alex Dobrin Alex Dobrin Actor, Död vid ankomst
31. Cornel Diaconu Cornel Diaconu Director, Old Age
32. Lica Gheorghiu Lica Gheorghiu Actress, Lupeni 29
33. Cristian Iorga Cristian Iorga Actor, Billion Star Hotel
33 names.