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1. Siri Svegler Siri Svegler Actress, Troy The mysterious, gorgeous singer, dancer and actress Siri Svegler was born on 15 April 1980 in Goteborg, Sweden. She started dancing and taking acting lessons in her childhood. In 2000, Siri moved to England to study performing arts at The Arts Education School, London. After graduating in 2003 with a national diploma...
2. Viveca Paulin Viveca Paulin Actress, A Night at the Roxbury
3. Christian Brandin Christian Brandin Actor, Pleasure
4. Mathilda Paradeiser Mathilda Paradeiser Actress, Apflickorna Born in Sweden, Mathilda Paradeiser is a Swedish actress from Gothenburg and had the main role in the 2011 film "Apflickorna" (She monkeys). Mathilda started acting when she was 13 years and has since continued with it. She has been involved in several film festivals, such as in Gothenburg, Malmö and Berlin...
5. Kjell Wilhelmsen Kjell Wilhelmsen Actor, Karaokekungen
6. Magnus von Horn Magnus von Horn Writer, Efterskalv Magnus von Horn, born Dec 21 1983, in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a director and screen writer. He studied directing at the Polish International Film School in Lódz 2009-13. His first feature film "Efterskalv"/"The Here After" (2015) received the Guldbagge Award for best film, best director and also best actor in a supporting role (Mats Blomgren) in 2016.
7. Niklas Falk Niklas Falk Actor, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
8. Zandra Andersson Zandra Andersson Actress, Prinsessa Zandra was born on December 9, 1988. She is a Swedish actress that started her career in Sweden 2006. In 2009 she starred in her first feature film "Prinsessa". For this role she was rewarded two awards in 2010 - Best Actress - International Images of Film Festival for Women in Harare, Zimbabwe and Best Actress - 13th Olympia International Film Festival...
9. Marie Bergman Marie Bergman Actress, Fäbodjäntan
10. Kalle Westerdahl Kalle Westerdahl Actor, Sök
11. Nils Croné Nils Croné Cinematographer, Kungen av Atlantis
12. Andreas Grötzinger Andreas Grötzinger Actor, Nymphomaniac: Vol. I
13. Klaus Klemola Klaus Klemola Location Management, Ambush
14. Helene Tursten Helene Tursten Writer, Den krossade tanghästen
15. Madeleine Gustafsson Madeleine Gustafsson Writer, Skyddsängeln
16. Maria Hedborg Maria Hedborg Actress, Show Me Love
17. Björn Dokken Björn Dokken Camera and Electrical Department, Arn: Tempelriddaren
18. Leif Krantz Leif Krantz Director, Barnen i Höjden
19. Elisabeth Andreassen Elisabeth Andreassen Self, Melodifestivalen 2000
20. Freddie Wadling Freddie Wadling Actor, The Oxford Murders
21. Anders Fridén Anders Fridén Actor, Saints Row IV
22. Benny Borg Benny Borg Self, Sommerunionen
23. Björn Olsson Björn Olsson Composer, Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel
24. Glenn Hysén Glenn Hysén Self, Fc Z
25. Camilla Thorsson Camilla Thorsson Actress, Shut Up and Sing
26. Kerstin Rabe Kerstin Rabe Actress, Svarta skallar och vita nätter
27. Marianne Fredriksson Marianne Fredriksson Writer, Simon och ekarna
28. Peter Eriksson Peter Eriksson Actor, Vi är bäst!
29. Marc Jungermann Marc Jungermann Actor, Les grandes personnes Marc Jungermann was born on April 20 1994 in Gothenburg, Sweden. After playing the main role against Eric Ericson in the radio drama "Pappan och Pojken Berättar Sagor" in 2005 he got into acting and was soon given a role in the 2007 TV-movie "The Iceprincess", playing the character Jan as a young boy in the 70's...
30. Josefin Crafoord Josefin Crafoord Self, Paradise Hotel
31. Markus Allbäck Markus Allbäck Self, Gomorron
32. Dennis Lindbom Dennis Lindbom Thanks, Triaden Dennis grew up in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden with his grandparents and his baby sister. Since he was 15 years old he has been involved in national politics and become at the age of 19 a local politician for the Liberal-Conservative party in Sweden, Moderaterna. He has always had a passion for film- and photography...
33. Teddy Lucic Teddy Lucic Self, Fotbolls-VM krönikan 1994
34. Jessica Simonsson Jessica Simonsson Makeup Department, Lilya 4-Ever
35. Lilly Jacobson Lilly Jacobson Actress, A Trip to Mars Lilly Jacobsson arrived as a young girl to Svenske Biografteatern in 1911 and appeared in a string of Swedish films until 1914. After winning a beauty contest, she landed a contract with Nordisk Film in 1916. Her natural beauty graced many dramas but she chose retirement when marrying in 1919. Only her former colleague...
36. Marcus Birro Marcus Birro Self, Efter Tio
37. Puck Ahlsell Puck Ahlsell Actor, Panik på kliniken
38. Klas Jahnberg Klas Jahnberg Actor, Sug
39. Indra Indra Self, Je suis une célébrité, sortez-moi de là! Indra was born in Sweden but her parents are from Estonia. She was quickly interested in an artistic career and her biggest dream, as a child, was to become a dancer. She took some dancing lessons but due to a serious knee injury, she had to give up that dream. After being qualified and a quite strict life in with her family...
40. Ralph M. Evers Ralph M. Evers Cinematographer, Herkules Jonssons storverk
41. Charlie Almlöf Charlie Almlöf Actor, Alla tiders Karlsson
42. Ivo Cramér Ivo Cramér Miscellaneous Crew, Ronja Robbersdaughter
43. Andy LaRocque Andy LaRocque Self, Power 30
44. Olle Kinch Olle Kinch Production Manager, The Long Search
45. Sam Gylling Sam Gylling Actor, Karlsvognen
46. Rosa Tillman Rosa Tillman Actress, Ett köpmanshus i skärgården
47. Rune Gustafsson Rune Gustafsson Actor, Släpp fångarne loss, det är vår!
48. Fredrik Lindau Fredrik Lindau Director, Timed Out
49. Yngve Nyqvist Yngve Nyqvist Actor, En kvinna ombord
50. John Alvbåge John Alvbåge Self, 2006 FIFA World Cup
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