12 names.

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1. Britta Hammelstein Britta Hammelstein Actress, The Baader Meinhof Complex
2. Mathias Herrmann Mathias Herrmann Actor, Diese Drombuschs
3. Sarah Ulrich Sarah Ulrich Actress, Alientampon
4. Michael Trischan Michael Trischan Actor, In aller Freundschaft
5. David Sieveking David Sieveking Director, Vergiss mein nicht
6. Benjamin Herrmann Benjamin Herrmann Producer, Colonia For over 15 years by now, the Academy Award-nominated producer and distributor Benjamin Herrmann has been an integral part of the German film industry. After studying to be a director at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF), he worked as a senior editor and managing director of SevenPictures for the German broadcaster ProSieben...
7. Nico Zingelmann Nico Zingelmann Director, 15 Minuten Wahrheit
8. Leonard Hohm Leonard Hohm Actor, UFO: It Is Here
9. Uschi Siebert Uschi Siebert Actress, Murder Party
10. René Pollesch René Pollesch Writer, Ich schneide schneller
11. Johannes Brinkmann Johannes Brinkmann Producer, The Way
12. Herfried Münkler Herfried Münkler Self, Delta
12 names.