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1. Len Wiseman Len Wiseman Writer, Underworld: Awakening Filmmaker Len Wiseman's career began through his work in the art department on the blockbuster hits like Godzilla, Men in Black, and Independence Day. His design talents soon got him behind the camera directing commercials for PlayStation, Time Warner, Oracle, Intel, and Activision, and quickly lead to work in music videos...
2. Meagan Tandy Meagan Tandy Actress, Unstoppable
3. Don Hertzfeldt Don Hertzfeldt Producer, Rejected
4. Julie Pinson Julie Pinson Actress, Port Charles
5. Ryan Locke Ryan Locke Actor, The Gingerdead Man Ryan, a consummate performer since birth, knew he would have a successful career ahead of him. What he did not know when he accompanied a former girlfriend to a model search was that he himself would be "discovered". It all began for him in the mid '90s when they drove out of town to a talent/model search...
6. Matt Palazzolo Matt Palazzolo Writer, Green Room
7. Carl Petersen Carl Petersen Actor, Please Don't Crush My Skull Carl Petersen was born in California and raised in Washington. He attended Pacific Lutheran University, where he received a B.F.A in theatre, cum laude. He also studied contemporary and Shakespearean theatre in London, England. Upon graduation he moved to Los Angeles where he became a Upright Citizens Brigade alumni...
8. Adrian Bustamante Adrian Bustamante Actor, Sharknado Adrian Bustamante was born Raul Bustamante on September 8, 1981, in Fremont, California to Raul and Marie, and was the first of their four children (1 sister and 2 brothers). The Bustamante family, moved to Antioch, California, where Ryan grew up and graduated College. Adrian's parents divorced when he was young and both his parents remain strong supporters in his life...
9. Jonathan Grebe Jonathan Grebe Actor, Resolution Jonathan is an actor known for The Robbery (2012), I (Almost) Got Away With It (2014), Resolution (2013), John Yegg (2013), Opacity (2013), and Loyalton (2013), Moses (2014), and San Andreas (2015). Jonathan Grebe was born on March 9th, 1989 in Fremont, California, USA. He developed a passion for acting in his early 20's...
10. Mark Vasconcellos Mark Vasconcellos Actor, Triple Threat After spending his high-school years in Madrid, Spain, Mark was a modern day nomad at heart. He acquired a B.A. in Film/T.V. production from San Jose State University and quickly bolted back overseas to live in Italy, France and Africa, finding work as a T.V. segment director/videographer. In 2007,...
11. Cher Tenbush Cher Tenbush Actress, Father vs. Son
12. Karl J. Morris Karl J. Morris Actor, The Assassination of JFK/The Resignation of Nixon Karl got the bug for the film industry while taking film making in Jr. high school in the San Francisco Bay Area where he learned to write, shoot, act, direct, edit and score two short films. After moving to Dallas from New York City he pursued an acting career in independent film, having close to 60 film projects under his belt...
13. Joel Souza Joel Souza Director, Hanna's Gold Joel Souza was born in Fremont, California. He was inspired to become a filmmaker upon seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark when he was just eight years old, and spent his childhood shooting 8 mm movies around the neighborhood he grew up in, enlisting friends and family as cast and crew.
14. John Crosthwaite John Crosthwaite Actor, Spooky House Investigation Team
15. Chris Emerson Chris Emerson Producer, Two Weeks Later Chris has over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, having worked in physical production, development, management, and as a film and television producer. Wheel of Fortune indirectly launched Chris' career when - as an aspiring actor - he won a speedboat as a contestant...and subsequently was unable to afford the taxes...
16. Lisa Foxx Lisa Foxx Self, Tell Veronica Lisa was born and raised in Northern California, and has one brother, Joe Krathwohl. She's worked at various radio stations throughout both Northern and Southern California, including college radio. She is known most from her afternoon shift at Star 98.7 with co-host Ryan Seacrest, of which she still works with new co-host Jason Pullman...
17. Andrew Blake Ames Andrew Blake Ames Actor, Naked Boys Singing!
18. Lee Walker Lee Walker Sound Department, Single Male Hillbilly
19. Gary Plummer Gary Plummer Self, Super Bowl XXIX
20. Kevin Tan Kevin Tan Self, Episode dated 12 August 2008
21. Mandy Del Rio Mandy Del Rio Make-Up Department, Open Up!
22. Alex Vigano Alex Vigano Producer, Yo Mama: The Adventures of Espanish Yack Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, he studied under Tom Blank at Ohlone College. Moved to Los Angeles in 2003. Alex performed in a number of theatre productions around Los Angeles, mostly Shakespeare, including such roles as Hamlet, Lysander, Borachio and Malcom. He also produced and directed a number of short movies.
23. Bret Easterling Bret Easterling Actor, Mrs. Santa Claus
24. Nina Miller Nina Miller Actress, High School Musical 3: Senior Year
25. Marshall Duffy Marshall Duffy Actor, Forest of Eden
26. Michael Edwards Michael Edwards Actor, Matters of Life and Death
27. Tricia Ignacio Tricia Ignacio Actress, Mitr: My Friend
28. Matt Lin Matt Lin Camera and Electrical Department, Political Animals
29. Brian Paik Brian Paik Visual Effects, Star Trek
30. Eric Y. Kwan Eric Y. Kwan Miscellaneous Crew, Final Fantasy X-2
31. David Kruschke David Kruschke Writer, Walpurgis Nacht
32. Madeline O'Kennon Madeline O'Kennon Actress, The Case of the Blind Psychic
33. Jesse Tunison Jesse Tunison Cinematographer, The Road to Awe Jesse Tunison is a photographer, director, and producer based on the Big Island Of Hawaii. Jesse was born on July 6th 1991 in Fremont California. Jesse's parents who lived on the Big Island for a number of years, brought him to Volcano Hawaii a few days after his birth. With many creative influences surrounding him...
34. Helen Wills Helen Wills Self, Barrier Busters
35. Brian Matt-Uhl Brian Matt-Uhl Actor, Resident Evil: Survivor
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