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1. Til Schweiger Til Schweiger Actor, Inglourious Basterds Actor, producer, writer and director Til Schweiger runs his own production company 'Barefoot Films GmbH' based in Berlin, Germany. Born in Freiburg, Germany on December 19th in 1963, Til was raised along with his two brothers in his hometown Giessen. In his early years, Schweiger began studying German and Medicine...
2. Nadeshda Brennicke Nadeshda Brennicke Actress, Tattoo
3. Inka Friedrich Inka Friedrich Actress, Summer in Berlin
4. Sabine Sauer Sabine Sauer Self, Zeit
5. Gerhard Friedrich Gerhard Friedrich Actor, Wenn schon - denn schon
6. Felix Eitner Felix Eitner Actor, The Tunnel
7. Tamina Kallert Tamina Kallert Self, Wunderschön!
8. Kurt Hoffmann Kurt Hoffmann Director, Das Wirtshaus im Spessart
9. Franz Lustig Franz Lustig Cinematographer, How I Live Now
10. Joana Zimmer Joana Zimmer Self, Live 8 Being blind since birth, Joana Zimmer learned to face prejudices in her own way: with a lot of humor, ready wit and perseverance. She heads straight for all of her goals with consequence, concentration and a lot of ambition. Born in Freiburg, Germany, raised bilingually in the USA and returned to Berlin years ago Joana Zimmer gave her undivided attention to music from a child...
11. Susanne-Marie Wrage Susanne-Marie Wrage Actress, The Longing
12. Sonja Sutter Sonja Sutter Actress, Frauenschicksale
13. Bettina Böhler Bettina Böhler Editor, Barbara
14. Peter Weis Peter Weis Actor, Auf offener Straße
15. Wera Frydtberg Wera Frydtberg Actress, Wir Wunderkinder
16. Peter Nestler Peter Nestler Director, Spanien
17. Benjamin Lebert Benjamin Lebert Writer, Crazy
18. Jakob Montrasio Jakob Montrasio Cinematographer, Souls of Zen
19. Peter Radtke Peter Radtke Actor, My Mother's Courage
20. Mariah Katharina Friedrich Mariah Katharina Friedrich Actress, Katie Fforde: Sprung ins Glück
21. Isabelle Carlson Isabelle Carlson Actress, Die Täterin ist geständig
22. Christian Schramm Christian Schramm Actor, Hallo!
23. Ferdos Forudastan Ferdos Forudastan Director, Im Rausch der Macht
24. Elisabeth Ried Elisabeth Ried Actress, My Friend Barbara
25. Ferris Bueller Ferris Bueller Self, Tödlicher Ruhm
26. Joa van Overstraaten Joa van Overstraaten Actor, Gefährliche Verbindung
27. Alexandra Schmitt Alexandra Schmitt Actress, Mother Krause's Journey to Happiness
28. Sepp Allgeier Sepp Allgeier Cinematographer, Triumph of the Will
29. Werner Feißt Werner Feißt Actor, Kassensturz
30. Ludwig Bender Ludwig Bender Director, Saison in Oberbayern
31. Angelika Schrobsdorff Angelika Schrobsdorff Self, Bulgaria of All Places
32. Katrin Schmieg Katrin Schmieg Actress, Learning to Lie
33. Hedy Epstein Hedy Epstein Self, Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport
34. Jan Sebening Jan Sebening Director, Der letzte Dokumentarfilm
35. Cornelius Schwehr Cornelius Schwehr Composer, Viehjud Levi
36. Rudolf Hoch Rudolf Hoch Director, Er weiß was er will
37. Henri Regnier Henri Regnier Self, Episode dated 15 July 1970
38. Andrea Betzner Andrea Betzner Self, Steffi Graf
39. André Flemming André Flemming Actor, Kreatives Schreiben
40. Anuk Ens Anuk Ens Actress, Sex und Tsatsiki
41. Wolfgang Schäuble Wolfgang Schäuble Self, Nach der Bundestagswahl - wie wird Deutschland jetzt regiert?
42. Daniel Laufer Daniel Laufer Composer, Fenster zum Jenseits
43. Corneille Corneille Self, Samedi soir on chante Goldman
44. Nikolaus Brender Nikolaus Brender Self, Episode #12.27
44 names.