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1. Carsten Norgaard Carsten Norgaard Actor, AVP: Alien vs. Predator
2. Rosalinde Mynster Rosalinde Mynster Actress, To verdener
3. Katja Kean Katja Kean Actress, Langt fra Las Vegas Bearing a startling resemblance to fashion model Christie Brinkley, Katja Kean began making adult films in her native Denmark in 1997. Having worked in the hotel business for some time, she got bored and wanted to try something completely different, and decided that porn was it. She has made only a relative handful of features since her debut...
4. Malene Schwartz Malene Schwartz Actress, 2900 Happiness
5. Peter Mygind Peter Mygind Actor, Flame and Citron
6. Gry Bay Gry Bay Actress, Tro, had og kærlighed
7. Christiane Schaumburg-Müller Christiane Schaumburg-Müller Actress, 2900 Happiness
8. Emil Hass Christensen Emil Hass Christensen Actor, Fem mand og Rosa
9. Jens Arentzen Jens Arentzen Actor, Solen er så rød
10. Axel Strøbye Axel Strøbye Actor, Pelle the Conqueror Strøbye was most famous for his comedy roles, as the confused uncle in Min søsters børn (My sisters Children) and the hustler Gyldenkål in Familien Gyldenkål (The Goldcabbage Family). But his biggest role and success was in Matador the TV series a lawyer Skjold Hansen, he started his acting career and education as an actor at Det Kongelige Teater (The Royal Danish theater)...
11. Sami Darr Sami Darr Actor, From Paris with Love
12. Vibeke Winding Vibeke Winding Cinematographer, Trier, Kidman og Cannes
13. Erik Holmey Erik Holmey Actor, Conan the Barbarian
14. Verner Thaysen Verner Thaysen Actor, To som elsker hinanden
15. Mathilde Norholt Mathilde Norholt Actress, 2900 Happiness
16. Louise Frevert Louise Frevert Actress, Walter og Carlo - op på fars hat Louise Frevert was trained as a ballet dancer before appearing in different popular Danish soft-core movies, and later performed in several hardcore porn shorts. She traveled the world and worked for the Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in his ballet company. Upon her return to Denmark she founded her own dance school and wrote a couple of books on dancing...
17. Hanne Borchsenius Hanne Borchsenius Actress, Støv på hjernen
18. Dario Campeotto Dario Campeotto Self, Min fanstjerne - en ungdomsudsendelse om tilbedelse
19. Ann Smyrner Ann Smyrner Actress, Drillinge an Bord
20. Helle Hertz Helle Hertz Actress, Rene hjerter
21. Alex Svanbjerg Alex Svanbjerg Actor, Rubber Tarzan
22. Elin Reimer Elin Reimer Actress, Du er ikke alene
23. Henrik Wiehe Henrik Wiehe Actor, Blændværk
24. Thomas Eje Thomas Eje Actor, Skibet i skilteskoven
25. Ebbe Rode Ebbe Rode Actor, Gertrud
26. Nikolaj Steen Nikolaj Steen Actor, Oldboys
27. Bertel Lauring Bertel Lauring Actor, Familien Gyldenkål
28. Asger Skov Lehnert Asger Skov Lehnert Actor, De 7 drab
29. Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Composer, Blinkende lygter
30. Timm Vladimir Timm Vladimir Self, Venner for livet
31. Signe Dahl Madsen Signe Dahl Madsen Actress, Buster's World
32. Thomas Borch Nielsen Thomas Borch Nielsen Director, Skyggen
33. Sonny Lahey Sonny Lahey Actor, Jensen & Jensen
34. Søren Rode Søren Rode Actor, Midt i en jazztid
35. Tilde Harkamp Tilde Harkamp Director, Isa's stepz
36. Remee Remee Self, X Factor
37. Louise Wolff Louise Wolff Self, Aftenshowet
38. Jacob Tschernia Jacob Tschernia Editor, 2 minutter
39. Anders Bodelsen Anders Bodelsen Writer, The Silent Partner
40. Vibeke Windeløv Vibeke Windeløv Producer, Dogville
41. Dorthe Kollo Dorthe Kollo Self, Uraufführung deutscher Schlager
42. Joen Bille Joen Bille Actor, Hvide løgne
43. Jakob Nielsen Jakob Nielsen Actor, Fangen
44. Omar Marzouk Omar Marzouk Writer, Gintbergs store aften - hver aften
45. Gertie Jung Gertie Jung Actress, Relations
46. Camilla Ottesen Camilla Ottesen Self, Fangerne på fortet
47. Jørgen de Mylius Jørgen de Mylius Writer, Dansk melodi grand prix
48. Leif Panduro Leif Panduro Writer, Harry og kammertjeneren
49. Steen Flensmark Steen Flensmark Actor, Flemming og Kvik
50. Jakob Kjeldbjerg Jakob Kjeldbjerg Self, Robinson ekspeditionen
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