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1. Andrew Duggan Andrew Duggan Actor, Seven Days in May Actor. Born in Franklin, Indiana on December 28, 1923, he was raised in Texas and went to college at Indiana University. There, on a speech and drama scholarship, he began to act and perform however this was interrupted by being called into the service. In World War II where he saw action overseas, he was befriended by actor Melvyn Douglas who led his division...
2. Maude Turner Gordon Maude Turner Gordon Actress, Sally Maude appeared in a number of Broadway productions from 1908 1925 including: "Glorious Betsy," "The American Maid," "A Full House" with Hugh Cameron and Ralph Morgan, "Elsie" and "Big Boy" with Al Jolson, Minnie Dupree and Colin Campbell. She also appeared on the stage with Marilyn Miller in her smash hit...
3. Steve Alford Steve Alford Self, Bob Knight for his repeated outbursts
4. Dana M. Haggard Dana M. Haggard Music Department, All About Dana M. Haggard Crochet Fashion Movie Dana Marie Haggard was born on November 11th, 1986, in Franklin, Indiana, to Kirby and Teresa Lynn Haggard. When Dana M. Haggard was seventeen, she had been acting at her parents old church in drama club in Trafalgar, Indiana but decided she wanted to fulfill her dream of acting. Her first part was in the mini-scenes Nativity Story (2004)...
5. Jack Adair Jack Adair Actor, The Drag-Net
6. John Norman John Norman Actor, Bordertown
7. Patrick Steele Patrick Steele Sound Department, True Nature
8. Nick Hardwick Nick Hardwick Self, There's Snow Place Like Home
9. Ryan Adam Burton Ryan Adam Burton Stunts, The Fresh Air Will Do You Good Ryan was born in Franklin, Indiana to Jeana and Terry Burton. He has one sibling Ashlee. He grew up in Franklin and still resides there. He graduated with a double major at Ball State University in May of 2003. Ryan has been working on many different projects in the past few years. Ryan has no children nor has he been married to this date.
10. Josh Etter Josh Etter Director, Left for Dead Born in Franklin, Indiana in the year 1992. Josh originally got into film by watching movie after movie. In 1996 the film 'Scream' came out and when Josh saw it, he knew that's what he wanted to do. Film has helped him get past some the things in his past that he wants to forget. Josh's writing and directing style is a lot like Adam Green and Rob Zombie...
11. Elissa McKee Elissa McKee Miscellaneous Crew, Serenity
11 names.