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1. Matt Bushell Matt Bushell Actor, Twilight
2. Craig Gellis Craig Gellis Actor, Nancy Drew
3. Nancy Dowd Nancy Dowd Writer, Slap Shot
4. Beth Shea Beth Shea Actress, Not in My Family Beth Shea is the co-founder of Hall of Shea Productions with Leigh Hall. Together they have written, produced, and starred in acclaimed films such as Not in My Family, Love Royale, and Chubduction. In 2011, Beth partnered with Leyna Weber and Annie Lukowski of Working Bug Media, and co-wrote and starred in the hit comedy series "A Series of Unfortunate People." In LA...
5. Nancy Oliver Nancy Oliver Writer, Lars and the Real Girl
6. Tony Barbieri Tony Barbieri Writer, Windy City Heat Tony Barbieri is teaming up with Don Barris and Perry Caravello on the "Big Three Podcast," a free podcast on Adam Carolla's Ace Broadcasting Network. Barbieri is again playing his role as Walter "Mole" Molinski, the stoned halfwit who is fodder for Perry's reactions. Some episodes have not included the Mole character...
7. Mark Parrish Mark Parrish Actor, Mustang Sally
8. Bill Morey Bill Morey Actor, Brainstorm
9. Sean Crespo Sean Crespo Actor, Gentleman The Boston-born, NYC-based Sean Crespo is a comedian, writer, and classically trained actor who studied at Emerson College and L.A.M.D.A. Called "aggressive, sharp and smart" by The Comedians magazine, he was also hailed by Bite as "easily the funniest and hardest working comedian you haven't heard of...
10. Carly Hugo Carly Hugo Producer, Bachelorette
11. Andrew Thacher Andrew Thacher Actor, The Social Network
12. Ginger Fish Ginger Fish Self, Dead to the World
13. Andy Swan Andy Swan Writer, Matthew Gray Gubler: The Unauthorized Documentary Andy Swan had a courageous battle with cancer. He was loved much by family, friends, and co-workers. Little is published about Andy Swans life, but on co-worker's twitter pages they sent their condolences. He was loved much by his family, and friends. Actor Joe Mantegna worked with him, as did actor Matthew Gray Gubler. Andy Swan directed Matthew Gray Gubler's unauthorized documentary.
14. Mike Desilets Mike Desilets Miscellaneous Crew, Chris Cross
15. Richard A. Cohen Richard A. Cohen Producer, Season of a Lifetime Richard "Rick" Cohen/Clements is an award-winning director, writer, producer, editor as well as an actor in the entertainment industry. After his tour of duty on the University of Pennsylvania's Ivy League championship football teams circa '83-'86, Rick graduated with a B.A. in Communications from the Annenberg School...
16. Adam Celorier Adam Celorier Art Department, Expelled
17. Jillian Cohen Jillian Cohen Producer, Abu Dhabi Central Market
18. Jason Turnage Jason Turnage Actor, Roommate Wanted
19. Peter Marmentini Peter Marmentini Actor, Malibu Summer
20. Maria Horstmann Maria Horstmann Costume and Wardrobe Department, A New Wave
21. Adam Schiff Adam Schiff Self, Bruce Bartlett
22. Karen Thorsell Karen Thorsell Actress, The Edge of Night
23. Dave Amato Dave Amato Soundtrack, The Terminator
24. Ryan D. Thompson Ryan D. Thompson Miscellaneous Crew, American Pie 2
25. Jenny Christodal Jenny Christodal
26. Jason E. Sapp Jason E. Sapp Miscellaneous Crew, The Spitfire Grill
27. Caitlin Mileon Caitlin Mileon Actress, The Deadly Deceiver
28. David P. Levin David P. Levin Producer, MTV Uncensored
29. Ruth Garland Ruth Garland Actress, The Sisters
30. Chip Liscombe Chip Liscombe Miscellaneous Crew, The Myth of Fingerprints
31. Brian Eggleston Brian Eggleston Miscellaneous Crew, MADtv
32. Peter Taglianetti Peter Taglianetti Thanks, Sudden Death
33. Joe Fino Joe Fino Sound Department, La frontera
34. Phil Ramuno Phil Ramuno Director, Arestat la domiciliu
35. Mark Sweeney Mark Sweeney Self, Rookie Seasons
36. Gordon Mumma Gordon Mumma Actor, Music with Roots in the Aether: Opera for Television by Robert Ashley
37. Polly Hobson Polly Hobson Miscellaneous Crew, Blood Diamond
38. Gary J. Klavans Gary J. Klavans Actor, Nora Ephron Should Die Gary was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, the youngest of three brothers. He was a competitive swimmer and diver through his early teens. By age 16 he was awarded The Massachusetts Bay State championship for 1 meter diving. After Graduating high school, Gary went to Johnson & Wales to study culinary arts...
39. Harold Traynor Harold Traynor Actor, Angels in the Outfield
40. Gene Tognacci Gene Tognacci Actor, Trick: 4
41. Sharon L. Santos Sharon L. Santos Producer, The Hub Boston based producer Sharon L. Santos was born on August 20th, 1969 to Robert B. and Doris K. Santos. After graduating with a degree in Business she decided to try her hand at her first love - film. With one class behind her, she got her first paying gig as a PA for a "New England Patriots Football Weekly" commercial spot for WBZ4 in Boston...
42. Sean Thorp Sean Thorp Miscellaneous Crew, Pyramid
43. Don Hildreth Don Hildreth Actor, The Foundling
44. Juliette Benson Juliette Benson Actress, The Shadow of Rosalie Byrnes
45. Anthony Theodorakos Anthony Theodorakos Writer, Blazed and Loaded Anthony Theodorakos was born in Framingham MA. He started acting in the 7th grade and picked up music in the 10th great. He then went to Berklee College of Music. He studied music business and song-writing. During those years he also worked on a few student films as an actor. After graduated Berklee...
46. Matt Tucker Matt Tucker Camera and Electrical Department, Act Your Age
46 names.