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1. Mark Christopher Mark Christopher Writer, 54
2. Samuel Z. Arkoff Samuel Z. Arkoff Producer, The Amityville Horror By the early 1950s, future movie mogul Samuel Z. Arkoff was a brash 30-ish lawyer scratching out a living by representing his in-laws and the Hollywood fringe, which included many of now infamous director/angora-clad transvestite Edward D. Wood Jr.'s social circle. As a shark, Arkoff was physically imposing and capable of scaring the snot out of anyone who opposed him...
3. Thomas Heggen Thomas Heggen Writer, Mister Roberts
4. Jay Devlin Jay Devlin Actor, Three Days of the Condor
5. William Tilghman William Tilghman Director, The Bank Robbery William Matthew Tilghman served as a lawman for 35 years. In his career he rode with the Earps, was a lawman in Dodge City, Kansas, and battled the Dalton gang and the Wild Bunch. In the early 1900s he became fed up with the way Hollywood glamorized the outlaws of the west and, along with his friends E.D. Nix and Chris Madsen...
6. Walter Kempley Walter Kempley Writer, Peng! Du bist tot!
7. Judy Parrish Judy Parrish Actress, The Growing Paynes
8. Michael Colgan Michael Colgan Sound Department, Saturday Night Fever
9. Lee Stokes Lee Stokes Producer, Mattina Presto Luce
10. Brad Steiger Brad Steiger Writer, Valentino
11. Paige Peterson Paige Peterson Actress, Piece a' Cake
12. Charles Kennedy Charles Kennedy Self, Pale Male
13. Donna Curtis Donna Curtis Actress, In Fashion
14. Chad Svendsen Chad Svendsen Actor, The Problem
15. Mitch Krebs Mitch Krebs Self, KSFY News at 10
16. Edward Collins Edward Collins Camera and Electrical Department, Baby Take a Bow
16 names.