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1. Jon Heder Jon Heder Actor, Napoleon Dynamite
2. Jake Lloyd Jake Lloyd Actor, Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
3. Dan Heder Dan Heder Visual Effects, 47 Ronin
4. Jeff D'Agostino Jeff D'Agostino Actor, Getting There Actor & Recording Artist, Jeff D'Agostino is the lead singer/songwriter of Rock/Electro band Perfect Dilemma, signed to Interscope Records. Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jeff began acting & singing in local theatre programs when he was 8 years old. At age 13, he was discovered by a Los Angeles based talent agent...
5. Travis Stork Travis Stork Self, Episode #1.100
6. Herk Harvey Herk Harvey Director, Carnival of Souls Colorado-born Herk Harvey majored in theater at Kansas University, directing and acting in stage productions and later returning to the school in a teaching capacity. He broke into the film business as an actor in some of the movies being made by Centron Corporation of Lawrence, Kansas, an educational and industrial film production company for which he subsequently went to work as a director...
7. Ryan Sutter Ryan Sutter Self, Trista & Ryan's Wedding
8. Madison Lloyd Madison Lloyd Uncategorised
9. Darwood Kaye Darwood Kaye Actor, The Big Premiere Darwood retired from acting in his teens. He became a Seventh-day Adventist minister. As such he spent 17 years in Thailand. At the time of his death he was part time pastor at La Sierra University Seventh-day Adventist Church in Riverside.
10. Traver Rains Traver Rains Self, My Super Ex-Girlfriend
11. Jeremy Bloom Jeremy Bloom Self, Ride Jeremy Bloom was born in Fort Collins, Colorado on April 2, 1982 to his mother, Char Bloom, a ski and fly-fishing instructor, and his father, Larry Bloom, a psychology professor at Colorado State University. Jeremy, his older sister Molly, and his older brother, Jordan, all grew up skiing at Keystone Resort...
12. K.C. Warnke K.C. Warnke Miscellaneous Crew, 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m.
13. Joshua Michael Dorsey Joshua Michael Dorsey Writer, Young & Divorced
14. Felix Mills Felix Mills Music Department, Child Bride
15. Sarah Faith D'Agostino Sarah Faith D'Agostino Actress, Sign of the Times
16. Phillip Wheeler Phillip Wheeler Actor, August 25th, 1951
17. Robert Guy Barrows Robert Guy Barrows Writer, The Machine That Played God
18. Lincoln Frager Lincoln Frager Actor, Triassic Attack
19. Ethan James Duff Ethan James Duff Actor, Holier Than Thou Ethan James Duff grew up in Ft. Collins, Colorado and attended the reputable theatre program at Syracuse University. Ethan lives in New York City where performs in Off-Broadway and Regional theatres as well as writing and producing independent films.
20. Jay Casey Jay Casey Actor, Raising the Stakes
21. Shaun Dolon Shaun Dolon Actor, Good Cop Fat Cop
22. Jeff Donaldson Jeff Donaldson Self, Dallas Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons
23. Rebecca Mabey Rebecca Mabey Director, Dork Knight
24. Neal Betters Neal Betters Cinematographer, Superstition Neal Betters grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado creating movies with his friends at age 12, and continued to do so throughout high school. Attended Colorado State University for 3 years before transferring to Colorado Film School in Denver. Got a degree in Theater/Film/Television with an emphasis in Writing/Directing at the University of Colorado at Denver...
25. Ashley Scott Ashley Scott Producer, Brother Screwtape
26. Gregory Beck Gregory Beck Producer, Tin Can Shinny
27. Karen Dahlgren Karen Dahlgren Actress, Sign of the Times
28. Kevin Kuehnast Kevin Kuehnast Actor, Fall Guy
29. Richard Strahle Richard Strahle Actor, My Samurai Richard Strahle started acting in his hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado at the age of 15. He has been involved in all aspects of dramatic production. His primary focus and first love is writing. "My Samurai" is his first produced screenplay. He has written dozens of unproduced screenplays. He has appeared as Matt Friedman in "Tally's Folly"...
30. Byron White Byron White Actor, Advise & Consent
31. Kaeleigh Ray Kaeleigh Ray Actress, One Part Rotten Apple
31 names.