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1. Michelangelo Antonioni Michelangelo Antonioni Writer, Blow-Up Michelangelo Antonioni was born in 1912 into a middle-class family and grew up in bourgeois surroundings of the Italian province. In Bologna he studied economics and commerce while he painted and also wrote criticism for a local newspaper. In 1939 he went to Rome and worked for the journal "Cinema" studying directorship at the School of Cinema...
2. Bruno Tonioli Bruno Tonioli Self, Episode dated 8 April 2010
3. Maximilian Law Maximilian Law Producer, The Light Path Maximilian Law is an actor, producer and screenwriter. In 2014 he came close to get an Oscar nomination, as one of his films was eligible by the Academy in "Best Live Action Short Film" category. Founder of the Film Production Company "Perpetuus", he's spearheading the creation of the "Ferrara Film Festival" as Founder and Artistic Director...
4. Sexy Luna Sexy Luna Actress, La crocerossina
5. Giuseppe Gandini Giuseppe Gandini Actor, Eat Pray Love
6. Arnoldo Foà Arnoldo Foà Actor, The Trial
7. Milva Milva Self, Gesualdo: Death for Five Voices
8. Florestano Vancini Florestano Vancini Director, It Happened in '43
9. José Greci José Greci Actress, Maciste contro i Mongoli
10. Folco Quilici Folco Quilici Director, The Wind Blows Free
11. Nella Gambini Nella Gambini Actress, Amarcord Nella C. Gambini was born in Ferrara in 1953, to cuban mother and roman father. Her first contact with the world art occurs at the age of ten, when she starts as singer in a cabaret-club of her hometown. Follow the theatrical debut, as actress, at the side of very important and oldest Emma Gramatica (sister of as much Anna and Irma)...
12. Silvana Bosi Silvana Bosi Actress, The American
13. Mirco Sgarzi Mirco Sgarzi Cinematographer, Kosmodrome
14. Gianni Fantoni Gianni Fantoni Actor, Let's Mambo!
15. Vittorio Sgarbi Vittorio Sgarbi Self, Quiproquo
16. Adriana Benetti Adriana Benetti Actress, 4 passi fra le nuvole
17. Franco Piacentini Franco Piacentini Actor, The Night of the Shooting Stars
18. Massimo Felisatti Massimo Felisatti Writer, La notte che Evelyn uscì dalla tomba
19. Anna Caterina Antonacci Anna Caterina Antonacci Actress, Rodelinda
20. Victor Rietti Victor Rietti Actor, To Live in Peace Born in Ferrara, Italy in 1888 to a wealthy family Vittiorio was the 11th of 12 children born to Samuele and Lucia Rietti. At the age of 8 his family moved to Bologna. At the age of 13 he was discovered by the great Italian tragedian actor Tommaso Salvini while partaking in a charity performance. Salvini...
21. Giorgio Ariani Giorgio Ariani Actor, Pierino la peste alla riscossa
22. Antonio Guidi Antonio Guidi Actor, I legionari dello spazio
23. Rosy Mazzacurati Rosy Mazzacurati Actress, La Notte
24. Franco Balboni Franco Balboni Cinematographer, Jolly Blu
25. Temistocle Solera Temistocle Solera Writer, Giovanna d'Arco
26. Carla Boni Carla Boni Actress, ...e Napoli canta!
27. Roberto Quagliano Roberto Quagliano Director, Pericles by Shakespeare on the Road
28. Diego Artioli Diego Artioli Camera and Electrical Department, Orgy of Blood
29. Gualtiero Tumiati Gualtiero Tumiati Actor, Eugenie Grandet
30. Antonio Battistella Antonio Battistella Actor, La rosa rossa
31. Daria Bignardi Daria Bignardi Self, Episode dated 28 February 2014
32. Federico Martucci Federico Martucci Camera and Electrical Department, Demons
33. Manuela Massarenti Manuela Massarenti Actress, The Best of Youth
34. Bruno Alessandro Bruno Alessandro Actor, Virgin Killer
35. Franco De Gemini Franco De Gemini Music Department, Lone Wolf McQuade
36. Girolamo Frescobaldi Girolamo Frescobaldi Composer, Sodrásban
37. Stefano Tassinari Stefano Tassinari Self, Segni particolari
38. Fabio Pittorru Fabio Pittorru Writer, La notte che Evelyn uscì dalla tomba
39. Luisa Pasello Luisa Pasello Actress, Smalltown, Italy
40. Angelo Mercuriali Angelo Mercuriali Soundtrack, The Immigrant
41. Luciano D'Antoni Luciano D'Antoni Actor, Episode #1.1
42. Ruggero Lupi Ruggero Lupi Actor, La straniera
43. Giovanni Mongini Giovanni Mongini Production Manager, Demons 6: De Profundis Was raised in Ferrara (Italy) and soon became interested in collecting 16/35mm prints. At the age of 30 he founded the Pleiadi Cineteca film library. He's one of Italy first and foremost experts and historians in the field of science fiction cinema and he's the author of "Storia del cinema di fantascienza"...
44. Dario Oppido Dario Oppido Actor, Mai rubare a casa dei ladri
45. Mafalda Favero Mafalda Favero Actress, Musica di sogno
46. Daniele Crespi Daniele Crespi Actor, Rails
47. Gianni Meccia Gianni Meccia Soundtrack, About Time
48. Roberto Boarini Roberto Boarini Composer, Silver Case
49. Oscar Carboni Oscar Carboni Actor, Condannata senza colpa
50. Piergiorgio Farina Piergiorgio Farina Composer, Il... Belpaese
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