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1. Jon Foster Jon Foster Actor, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Jon Foster has practiced his craft for many years. He started off in a local Iowa theatre and eventually furthered his career in Los Angeles with roles on television and on the big screen. He has very diverse interests and talents that include, playing drums, playing lead and bass guitar, and fixing up old muscle cars...
2. Kendall Wells Kendall Wells Actor, Vampires, Drugs, and New Friends
3. Ben Carter Ben Carter Actor, The Scarlet Clue
4. Josh Slates Josh Slates Miscellaneous Crew, The Dark Knight Rises
5. Mackenzie Horras Mackenzie Horras Actress, Spring Break Survivors
6. Alex Richard Alex Richard Actor, Graduation
7. Willem Zuur Willem Zuur Actor, The Village Was born in Iowa to Hubert and Kristy Zuur. The parents split and the mother took the 3 children. The family then lived in Pine Hill, New Jersey with Willem's grandmother Audrey Doty. His mother then remarried and moved to an old farm in Winslow, New Jersey. Willem began using drugs when he was 11. After progressively worsening...
8. Dave Despain Dave Despain Self, Motorweek Illustrated
9. Rob Pierce Rob Pierce Actor, Demon Under Glass
10. Graham Hart Graham Hart Miscellaneous Crew, Tracee Ellis Ross with Guest Host Janet Mock
11. Jeremy Milks Jeremy Milks Writer, Stranded Jeremy Milks' film career began in 2003 when he started writing the script for his first feature film "Homecoming" while a writer for his high school's student paper (The Tiger Hi-Line). That year he also had a walk-on role in his first, and last, school play "The Man Who Came To Dinner" playing the part of Convict #3...
12. Andrew Swanson Andrew Swanson Sound Department, Road to Moloch
13. Bradbury Foote Bradbury Foote Writer, High Wall
14. Milo Hamilton Milo Hamilton Self, Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream
15. David Rosenboom David Rosenboom Composer, Almost Crying
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