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1. Chanel Preston Chanel Preston Actress, Eve's Secret Chanel Preston grew up in Alaska with a love of performing. Whether it was reciting lines of William Shakespeare in the community theater or awing her family with piano recitals of Sergei Rachmaninoff's concertos, Chanel fed off the energy of the crowd. Dancing, painting and playing the trumpet were additional ways she experienced the performance high...
2. David A. Gregory David A. Gregory Actor, One Life to Live Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, David received his first on-screen role in the summer of 2008 in a series of commercials for "Airborne" where he starred as Sebastian, a Fabio-esque romance novel hero. In 2009, he was personally chosen by James L. Brooks to appear in the director's next outing "How Do You Know"...
3. Brody Hutzler Brody Hutzler Actor, Days of Our Lives Born in Fairbanks, Alaska and raised all over the United States-everywhere from New York to Hawaii, Brody began his professional acting career in 1995. He moved to Los Angeles after attending Michigan State University to pursue his dream of becoming an actor and was fortunate enough to study with world famous acting coach...
4. Anna Holbrook Anna Holbrook Actress, Another World
5. Sven Holmberg Sven Holmberg Actor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
6. Tom Hines Tom Hines Actor, Mother's Day
7. Mark Christian Subias Mark Christian Subias Miscellaneous Crew, End of Days
8. Kelly Moneymaker Kelly Moneymaker Music Department, Warrior
9. Kirsten Powers Kirsten Powers Self, The O'Reilly Factor
10. Lauren Reeves Lauren Reeves Producer, @midnight Lauren Reeves is a comedy writer, actress, improviser, host and former television news reporter and anchor. She was born and raised on a gold mine in Fairbanks, Alaska. After graduating high school early, Lauren was immediately hired by her local NBC station at the age of 18 to work as a full-time reporter and anchor...
11. David C. Scott David C. Scott Actor, The Mentalist After being honorably discharged from the Army, David attended the University of Central Florida. He found his love for acting and entertainment late in his college career and made every effort to utilize what the school offered to non-majors. Eventually, he found his way into multiple student productions...
12. Chante Chante Actress, No Motive
13. Carolee Bass Carolee Bass Self, Mystical Journeys: The Search for Miss Mystique Busty, shapely, and delectable brunette stunner Carolee Bass was born on March 20, 1978 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Carolee grew up in the small town of Haines, Alaska. She worked with her father in a gold mine during the summer. Bass attended college on a sports scholarship; she not only played both soccer and basketball...
14. Bud Myrick Bud Myrick Visual Effects, X2
15. Katelin C. Holloway Katelin C. Holloway Editorial Department, WALL·E
16. Patrick Cochran Patrick Cochran Actor, Across Five Aprils
17. Sam McConkey Sam McConkey Actor, Offside
18. Richard A. Buswell Richard A. Buswell Actor, Rigged
19. Juli Hulme Juli Hulme Actress, Criminal Supervixen Juli was born and raised in Alaska. She is living in Seoul, South Korea as of 2016 where she works at a publishing company, plays with her husband and dog every night, eats a lot of Korean food, travels as much as possible, complains as little as possible, and occasionally cameos in music videos. She is taking the long way home.
20. Kevin Johansen Kevin Johansen Soundtrack, María y yo
21. A. Laura Brody A. Laura Brody Costume and Wardrobe Department, Kickin' It
22. Justin Buchholz Justin Buchholz Self, UFC 86: Jackson vs. Griffin
23. Jon Lawler Jon Lawler Self, Deadliest Catch
24. Jeremy Jex Jeremy Jex Actor, Hercules: The Brave and the Bold
25. Hannah Semock Hannah Semock Director, Bargain's Carnival Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. Had many hobbies including: Tae-Kwon-Do, Archery, Scuba Diving, Hang Gliding, Traveling, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Civil Air Patrol, Computer Programming, and anything related to the outdoors. Went to school for Film Studies at the University of Colorado at Denver. Currently (2011) works for the Alaska Fire Service as a Remote Logistics Specialist.
26. Alfonso Jesus Gonzalez Alfonso Jesus Gonzalez Actor, I, Madeline Alfonso Jesus Gonzalez was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. He has lived in many different places in the states with his father, military veteran, his mother, military mom, and his younger brother. He has been acting since he was in middle school and has done many productions in college over the years.
27. Tom Trainor Tom Trainor Camera and Electrical Department, The Frozen Ground
28. Dave Selle Dave Selle Cinematographer, Ice Cold Killers
29. Jonathan Northquist Jonathan Northquist
30. Brian Klapstein Brian Klapstein Actor, An Enraged New World
31. Sheldon Brigman Sheldon Brigman Miscellaneous Crew, Last Dance
32. Ian Billington Ian Billington Actor, An Enraged New World
33. Kevin Carpenter Kevin Carpenter Cinematographer, The Missionary Position
34. Paul Varelans Paul Varelans Self, UFC VI: Clash of the Titans
35. K. Mike Merrill K. Mike Merrill Producer, Lemonade: Detroit
36. Dominic Fantazzi Dominic Fantazzi Actor, The Tony Blair Witch Project
37. Joshua Thompson Joshua Thompson Actor, An Enraged New World
38. Daryn Colledge Daryn Colledge Self, NFL Monday Night Football
39. Craig Stephenson Craig Stephenson Actor, An Enraged New World
40. Chris Rimple Chris Rimple Self, BBS: The Documentary
41. Gary Schikora Gary Schikora Self, Bellaria - So lange wir leben!
42. Tawni Graf Tawni Graf Actress, Beach Movie Tawni grew up and attended school in North Pole, Alaska. After moving to California, she became a model working for the Nina Blanchard Agency. She traveled around the world and made many long time friends. Tawni also became a licensed personal trainer and cosmetologist. She had several parts on television shows such as Ally McBeal, Castle and Community.
42 names.