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1. David Belle David Belle Actor, District B13 David Belle is the founder of Parkour, an actor, film choreographer, and stunt coordinator. Belle was introduced to his acting career in a meeting with Hubert Koundé ("La Haine") and then in the play Pygmalion. Belle starred in "Les gens du voyages" and "Un monde meilleur", followed by "L'Engrenages" and "Femme Fatale"...
2. Etienne Chicot Etienne Chicot Actor, The Da Vinci Code
3. Christophe Perraudin Christophe Perraudin Camera and Electrical Department, Ça y est, je marie ma fille!
4. Philippe Vaillant Philippe Vaillant Producer, T'as rien de mieux à faire?!
4 names.