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1. Michael Michele Michael Michele Actress, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Michael is the eldest of two daughters. Her white father, Jerry, is an entrepreneur. Her African American mother, Thersa, is a corporate manager. In high school she played volleyball, basketball, and ran track. After high school, she moved to New York and quickly got commercial work. This led to a role in Eddie Murphy's 1989 film Harlem Nights...
2. Ron Glass Ron Glass Actor, Serenity
3. Avery Brooks Avery Brooks Actor, American History X Avery Franklin Brooks was born on October 2, 1948 in Evansville, Indiana to a musically talented family. His maternal grandfather, Samuel Travis Crawford, was a tenor who graduated from Tougaloo College in Mississippi in 1901. Crawford toured the country singing with the Delta Rhythm Boys in the 1930s...
4. Jama Williamson Jama Williamson Actress, Mergers & Acquisitions Jama Williamson was born in Evansville, IN and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in Communications and Theater. After graduation, she moved to New York City and attended Circle in the Square acting conservatory. After several stints Off-Broadway including the world premieres of Avery Crozier's "Eat the Runt," "Spanish Girl," and the cult hit musical...
5. Todd Duffee Todd Duffee Actor, Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) Todd Duffee knocked out in stone what he was set on doing as a full-time career. He was born in Evansville, Indiana on December 6, 1985, spending his formative years in Raleigh, Illinois. At age 16, Todd had moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he joined a boxing gym and thus started training...
6. Anne Barton Anne Barton Actress, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
7. Roger Mobley Roger Mobley Actor, The Mystery of Edward Sims: Part 1 Born in Evansville, Indiana, one-time Disney favorite Roger Mobley was one of eight talented children who could sing and play musical instruments. Roger was the novelty portion (age 3) of a singing trio, which included an older brother and sister. Performing in carnivals and fairs, the kids eventually made an appearance on Ted Mack & the Original Amateur Hour, where a talent agent spotted Roger and signed him up...
8. David Emge David Emge Actor, Dawn of the Dead David Emge was born in 1946 in Evansville, Indiana. Emge studied drama at the University of Evansville and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. While attending college David got drafted and served in the army during the Vietnam war. He began his acting career on stage at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in 1971...
9. Jeri Taylor Jeri Taylor Writer, Star Trek: Voyager
10. Patrick Higgs Patrick Higgs Actor, The Business of Dying
11. Matt Williams Matt Williams Writer, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Matt Williams is best known as the creator and executive producer of the hit series Roseanne and the co-creator and executive producer of Home Improvement, one of the most successful programs in television history. Williams joined The Cosby Show during its premiere season and worked as a writer/producer on the show for three subsequent seasons...
12. Louise Dresser Louise Dresser Actress, The Scarlet Empress This knowing, plump-framed, strong-willed actress went on to play the gamut of emotions, from downtrodden, drunken ex-stars to self-controlled dowager empresses, in both silent pictures and early talkies. Grandly supporting the huge stars of her day including Rudolph Valentino and Will Rogers), she actually started out as a celebrated singer from the vaudeville and Broadway stages...
13. Marilyn Miller Marilyn Miller Actress, Sally Renowned musical star of 1920's Broadway who appeared in three early talkies.
14. Paula Leggett Chase Paula Leggett Chase Actress, The Sound of Music Live!
15. Bunny Glamazon Bunny Glamazon Actress, Tit to Tit 2
16. A.J. Alexander A.J. Alexander Actress, The Pool Boys Slim, buxom, and sexy auburn-haired brunette stunner A.J. Alexander was born Amanda Jane Herrmann on September 16, 1980 in Evansville, Indiana. She's of mixed German, English, and Native American descent. A.J. was a tomboy growing up: At age four she became active in sports and participated in such sports as softball...
17. Jim Diehl Jim Diehl Actor, Batman and Robin
18. Christian Storms Christian Storms Miscellaneous Crew, Thor Charles Christian Storms, the Tokyo based actor, dialogue coach, translator, director, producer has spent half his life in Japan. If you've seen a Japanese film, he's probably translated the subtitles. If you've seen a documentary about Japan, he probably produced it. He is a Vice President with the...
19. David McCracken David McCracken Director, Daylight
20. Don Mattingly Don Mattingly Self, Homer at the Bat Don Mattingly, who was born on April 20, 1961 in Evansville, Indiana is a former all-star baseball player for the New York Yankees. He is also a nine time Gold Glove winner, the second most ever for a first baseman. Many people believe he will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as soon as he becomes eligible.
21. Jayne Bentzen Jayne Bentzen Actress, The Edge of Night
22. Cynthia Anne Slagter Cynthia Anne Slagter Set Decorator, I Love You Phillip Morris
23. Walter McCarty Walter McCarty Actor, He Got Game
24. Paul Osborn Paul Osborn Writer, East of Eden
25. Bill Hutton Bill Hutton Actor, The Ghosting
26. Charles E. Israel Charles E. Israel Writer, Louisiana
27. Mike Warnke Mike Warnke Self, America's Best Kept Secret Mike Warnke rose to fame in the mid-1970s as a Gospel-oriented comedian and lecturer, claiming to have been a former Satanic high priest. Both his albums and his autobiography "The Satan Seller" sold in the millions, and Warnke became both a favorite among Contemporary Christian performers, and a preferred lecturer of anti-occult movements...
28. Aaron Guzzo Aaron Guzzo Director, The Window Aaron Guzzo grew up in Evansville, Indiana, where he was involved in theater long before film. He went to Signature High School, then Columbia College Chicago, where he majored in Film with a concentration in screenwriting. His screenplay, "Invitation to Valhalla," based on the novel by Mike Whicker...
29. Tim Ewing Tim Ewing Actor, The Rat Race
30. Neal Doughty Neal Doughty Self, Episode dated 12 December 2008
31. Daniel C. McFadden Daniel C. McFadden Camera and Electrical Department, The Dark Knight
32. Andy Benes Andy Benes Self, My Oh My!
33. Michael McCarty Michael McCarty Actor, The Legend of Bagger Vance
34. Kathryn Keats Kathryn Keats Actress, Kiss Shot Kathryn Keats is a recording artist and a keynote speaker. Keats has been sought after since she broke her silence in March 2007 beginning with a featured story in Readers Digest. Her music and story have been featured on Montel, Mancow, Partners Ending Domestic Abuse, Jeans for Justice, Symphony Hall NYC for Unity NY...
35. Dusk Delmar Dusk Delmar Actress, A Whore's Life Part 1: The Dollhouse
36. Patrick Clark Patrick Clark Self, G-Phoria Patrick Clark is an Emmy and Telly Award-Winning host. Currently, Patrick serves as host of HGTV's Offbeat America. He has been featured on G4-TechTV, ABC Family Channel, All News Channel and has served as a correspondent for Cartoon Network. He began his career in radio working at the "The Imagination Station"...
37. Tom Bettag Tom Bettag Producer, The Clinton Years
38. Joe Cook Joe Cook Actor, Penny Wise
39. Fred Rose Fred Rose Soundtrack, Zombieland
40. Billie Bennett Billie Bennett Actress, Robin Hood
41. Bob Griese Bob Griese Self, Super Bowl XX
42. Ken Williams Ken Williams Producer, Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh
43. Matthew M. Howe Matthew M. Howe Cinematographer, Airboss
44. Daniel Engler Daniel Engler Self, Sting: Moment of Truth Dan "Rudy" Engler was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana. He began his career in pro wrestling in 1996. Rudy joined NWA-TNA at their debut show on June 19, 2002 in Huntsville, Alabama.
45. Calbert Cheaney Calbert Cheaney Actor, Blue Chips
46. Justin Ipock Justin Ipock Sound Department, Teenage Paparazzo Born in Evansville, Indiana, on 1st February 1976. He moved with his family to Florida and back to Indiana, before finally settling in Nashville, Tennessee. He earned a B.A. in Theatre at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he received an ONC scholarship for performance. Besides his pursuits in front of the camera...
47. Jack Hatfield Jack Hatfield Actor, The Headleys at Home
48. Stephen Feagley Stephen Feagley Actor, A League of Their Own
49. Matthew S. Myers Matthew S. Myers Camera and Electrical Department, Eight Men Out
50. Sidney Catlett Sidney Catlett Self, Jammin' the Blues
1-50 of 88 names.