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1. Axel Prahl Axel Prahl Actor, Tatort
2. Imke Büchel Imke Büchel Actress, A Most Wanted Man
3. Ludwig Haas Ludwig Haas Actor, Lindenstraße
4. Peter Thoms Peter Thoms Actor, Texas - Doc Snyder hält die Welt in Atem Peter Thoms lives and works around Duesseldorf, Germany. He is a drummer in various bands, he plays Jazz, Mambo and all kinds of music.
5. Matthias Klagge Matthias Klagge Self, Das Jugendgericht
6. Carl Maria von Weber Carl Maria von Weber Soundtrack, The Intouchables Learining all about music and instruments Von Weber moved around Germany changing his teachers once in a while. In 1813 he became "Kapellmeister" in Prague and in 1816 music director of the "Deutsche Oper" in Dresden. There he supported German operas instead of the Italian ones which were very popular at his time...
7. Bernd Rehse Bernd Rehse Actor, Verbotene Liebe
7 names.