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1. Heinz Rühmann Heinz Rühmann Actor, It Happened in Broad Daylight
2. Harry S. Morgan Harry S. Morgan Director, Gina Wild - Jetzt wird es schmutzig 4 - Durchgefickt
3. Markus Knüfken Markus Knüfken Actor, Bang Boom Bang - Ein todsicheres Ding
4. Jessica Franz Jessica Franz Writer, A Child Jessica Franz is an actress, voiceover artist, and an award-winning filmmaker from Germany. She made her Hollywood debut by appearing in the David Fincher film, "The Social Network," starring Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake. In Germany, she took a leading role on a major television network, starring...
5. Carla Dunareanu Carla Dunareanu Actress, Gourmet Baby
6. Florian Baxmeyer Florian Baxmeyer Director, Die rote Jacke Florian Baxmeyer, born in 1974 in Essen (West Germany), studied Sociology at the University of Cologne (West Germany), and has worked as an assistant director before his career starts. Since 2000, he has been attending the Film Studies Program at the University of Hamburg (North Germany). His films include the shorts "Pas de deux" (2000)...
7. Henning Baum Henning Baum Actor, Der letzte Bulle
8. Ralf Richter Ralf Richter Actor, Das Boot
9. Stephan Lacant Stephan Lacant Director, Freier Fall
10. Marlon Kittel Marlon Kittel Actor, Paule und Julia
11. Anne Sarah Hartung Anne Sarah Hartung Actress, Fliehendes Land
12. Heinrich Schafmeister Heinrich Schafmeister Actor, The Harmonists
13. Anja Kruse Anja Kruse Actress, Forsthaus Falkenau
14. Lars Gärtner Lars Gärtner Actor, The Experiment
15. Diether Krebs Diether Krebs Actor, SOKO München
16. Elisabeth Volkmann Elisabeth Volkmann Self, Klimbim
17. Dietrich Hollinderbäumer Dietrich Hollinderbäumer Actor, Downfall
18. Armin Meiwes Armin Meiwes Self, Interview mit einem Kannibalen
19. Ruth Leuwerik Ruth Leuwerik Actress, Die Trapp-Familie in Amerika Often called the First Lady of German cinema, Ruth Leuwerik was at the peak of her popularity during the 1950's when partnered on screen by the leading male stars of the post-war era: Dieter Borsche, Hannes Messemer, Curd Jürgens and O.W. Fischer. She proved her range by alternating between glamorous damsels and emancipated...
20. Anneliese Uhlig Anneliese Uhlig Actress, Okay S.I.R.
21. Barbara Nüsse Barbara Nüsse Actress, Sonntag
22. Paul Klinger Paul Klinger Actor, Marriage in the Shadows
23. Robin Jacob Robin Jacob Director, It Robin Jacob had no interest in acting or the movies, other than watching them until his last year at Bell Lane Junior School when his English teacher Anna Scher cast him in the lead of the school play 'The Mayflower.' From then on Robin knew what he wanted to do. Anna was confident in Robin's talent that she agreed to try and get him in RADA but his mother would not let him try...
24. Heinz Drache Heinz Drache Actor, Der Zinker This actor's chief claim to fame lies in being the most in-vogue screen cop of post-war German cinema. He first established his reputation in the role of the charismatic Inspector Yates in Francis Durbridge's miniseries Das Halstuch, which hit an impressive eighty percent in TV ratings. He continued in the same vein (same part...
25. Leny Marenbach Leny Marenbach Actress, Model Husband Lady-like Leny Marenbach was Germany's answer to Irene Dunne. She seemed to have little artifice about her and was therefore ideally suited to play gentle, impeccably well-mannered model wives or brave battlers against the forces of adversity. In more emancipated mode, she added a much-needed sparkle to assorted mainstream melodramas and could also occasionally display a deft talent for comedy...
26. Markus von Lingen Markus von Lingen Actor, Defiance
27. Thomas Limpinsel Thomas Limpinsel Actor, Downfall
28. Niki Stein Niki Stein Director, Rommel
29. Michael Wiesweg Michael Wiesweg Cinematographer, The Syrian Bride
30. Gernot Endemann Gernot Endemann Actor, Shout at the Devil
31. Marie-Luise Marjan Marie-Luise Marjan Actress, Lindenstraße
32. Uli Krohm Uli Krohm Actor, Die Katze
33. Matt Frei Matt Frei Self, Channel 4 News
34. Helmut Holger Helmut Holger Costume Designer, Klimbim
35. Lars Korten Lars Korten Actor, Verbotene Liebe
36. Andi Andi Self, B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989
37. Theresa Berlage Theresa Berlage Actress, Adam & Eva
38. Lena Krüper Lena Krüper Actress, Schräge Vögel
39. Barbara Freier Barbara Freier Actress, Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast
40. Ann-Cathrin Sudhoff Ann-Cathrin Sudhoff Actress, Großstadtrevier
41. Sascha Göpel Sascha Göpel Actor, Das Wunder von Bern
42. Michael Souvignier Michael Souvignier Producer, Contergan
43. Dirk Küchmeister Dirk Küchmeister Self, Das Jugendgericht
44. Jochen Kolenda Jochen Kolenda Actor, Rush
45. Jürgen Schornagel Jürgen Schornagel Actor, Doppelter Einsatz
46. Otto Gebühr Otto Gebühr Actor, The Golem
47. Christian Möllmann Christian Möllmann Self, 15 Minuten Ruhm
48. Theo Angell Theo Angell Cinematographer, The Lair
49. Juliane Werding Juliane Werding Self, ZDF Hitparade
50. Hanno Huth Hanno Huth Producer, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
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