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1. Nigel Bruce Nigel Bruce Actor, Rebecca Nigel was, from the beginning, typecast as bumbling English aristocrats, military types or drawing room society snobs and, within the narrow parameters of his range, he was very, very good at playing these parts. Nigel Bruce was born in Mexico, where his father, Sir William W. Bruce, worked as an engineer...
2. Magi Avila Magi Avila Actress, Dog Eat Dog Magi Avila has treaded an interesting and a successful journey in the field of entertainment, not only on her home turf Mexico but also in Hollywood. After a rewarding career in Mexican films, television and theatrical productions, she made her way to the Mecca of Entertainment - Hollywood. Magi can be seen in the feature Film "A Better Life" with Oscar nominee Demian Bichir...
3. Marina Camacho Marina Camacho Actress, El violetero
4. María Chacón María Chacón Actress, ¡Qué madre, tan padre!
5. Juan Jose Meza-Leon Juan Jose Meza-Leon Art Department, Rick and Morty
6. Ricardo Gonzalez Ricardo Gonzalez Art Department, Max Payne Ricardo F. Gonzalez was born in Ensenada, Mexico in 1986. At a young age, he had shown a deep visual interest in the world of cinema. He graduated from Mariposa County High School in 2004 and has since moved on and had a career in Los Angeles, starting out as a Production Assistant, and then, moving up the crew ladder...
7. Antonio Hernández Antonio Hernández Actor, Alegrijes y rebujos
7 names.