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1. Robert McQuain Robert McQuain Actor, The Andy Griffith Show The only child of Jay David and Lena McQuain, "Bob" grew up in the Washington D.C. area, often visiting and spending summers at the McQuain homestead in Elkins, West Viriginia as well. For a while he attended military school as a teenager. Mr. McQuain's big break came when he appeared in an outdoor theatre production in North Carolina...
2. Will Hare Will Hare Actor, Back to the Future Character actor Will Hare has been appearing on stage, screen and television since he was 17 up to his death at age 80. Becoming a veteran of stage for over a half of a century, Hare's film debut was Alfred Hitchcock's The Wrong Man and his final theatrical appearance was "Me and Veronica" in 1992...
3. Alex J. Spence Alex J. Spence Visual Effects, The Making of the Mob
4. Charles Stalmaker Charles Stalmaker Actor, Battle of the Bulge
5. Marshall Goldberg Marshall Goldberg Self, The Ed Sullivan Show
6. Stephanie Yeager Stephanie Yeager Miscellaneous Crew, One Tree Hill
7. Lanny Grey Lanny Grey Soundtrack, Moonlight and Cactus Commercial-jingle writer ("I Go For a Man Who Wears an Adam Hat", "Baby, Bring Me Barricini"), composer, novelty songwriter ("I Would If I Could But I Can't"), singer, pianist and producer, educated at Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the staff of a New York music-publishing firm and later formed...
7 names.