7 names.

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1. Jimmy Korderas Jimmy Korderas Actor, WWE Raw
2. Russell Martin Russell Martin Self, Sunday Night Baseball
3. Christopher Behnisch Christopher Behnisch Cinematographer, 6 Years & 364 1/2 Days Later
4. William Primrose William Primrose Writer, Obsessions, Progressions, & Expectations Having grown up in a family of artists, some of them musicians, painters, and sculptors Will was exposed to creating art at a young age. His grandfather, encouraged him to paint, build models, and play musical instruments. After his grandfather's death, Will lost interest in art and went about living in the everyday world...
5. Rob Phillips Rob Phillips Visual Effects, Fast & Furious
6. Rosalyn Haffenden Rosalyn Haffenden
7. Michael Naulls Michael Naulls Visual Effects, Steen's Revenge - Volume 1
7 names.