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1. Esmond Knight Esmond Knight Actor, Hamlet A stage actor from 1925, Esmond made his first film appearance in 77 Park Lane for Michael Powell for whom he eventually made 11 films. Esmond served in the Royal Navy during WWII and lost one eye and was almost totally blinded in the other during an engagement against The Bismarck. This didn't stop him later portraying a Royal Naval officer in Sink the Bismarck!.
2. Peter Graham Scott Peter Graham Scott Producer, Mogul
3. Desmond Hawkins Desmond Hawkins Writer, The Secret of Life on Earth
4. Pat Smythe Pat Smythe Self, Giants in Sport Renowned British show-jumper of the 1950s and 1960s, winning a bronze medal as part of the Great Britain show-jumping team in the 1956 Olympic Games at Stockholm. In these games, herself and Belgium's Brigitte Schockaert were the first women to compete in Olympic show-jumping. She also wrote a number of successful equestrian and autobiographical books...
5. John Gerrard John Gerrard Writer, Playbill
5 names.