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1. Matt Stokoe Matt Stokoe Actor, Jamestown
2. David Parfitt David Parfitt Actor, Henry V
3. Denise Welch Denise Welch Self, Loose Women
4. Gordon Peters Gordon Peters Actor, Feardotcom Gordon Peter Wilkinson's mother was a music teacher, his father an excellent tenor. He was educated at Durham Cathedral School. His TV appearances as a comedy actor are many and varied, both in sitcoms and light entertainment. Gordon had his own series on BBC One, The Gordon Peters Show, and in pantomimes he is regarded as one of the country's leading Dames...
5. James Daley James Daley Actor, Jude
6. Elizabeth Barrett Browning Elizabeth Barrett Browning Writer, The Cry of the Children
7. Alan Clark Alan Clark Actor, Local Hero
8. Jack Horsman Jack Horsman Actor, Nine Men
9. C.E.M. Joad C.E.M. Joad Self, The Brains Trust British author C.E.M. Joad was born in Durham County, England, in 1891. He became one of Britain's most controversial figures in the 1940s. A pacifist during a time of war and an agnostic in a majority Christian country, Joad was celebrated--and reviled--for forcefully taking on unpopular causes and...
10. Lewis Wright Lewis Wright Composer, Madison Lane Lewis Wright first began composing for film and media whilst studying music at the University of Huddersfield. He has completed soundtracks for a number of indie films and also worked in other areas of audio production such as recording, foley, sound design and mixing. Lewis Wright has also written original songs for MediaKraft as well as writing music for advertising...
11. Cathy Brown Cathy Brown Actress, Intergalactic Combat Cathy is a combat performance artist and is a specialist in movement/psychological choreography. She has spent 16 years in the martial art and professional boxing industry as a fighter of which she was ranked number 3 in the World and held both English and European title and a professional boxing and martial arts coach...
12. Irlin Hall Irlin Hall Actress, Up Pompeii
13. Denise Robertson Denise Robertson Thanks, This Morning
14. Joseph Murray Joseph Murray Self, The Great War
15. Ken Stephinson Ken Stephinson Producer, Awayday
16. Anastacia Jamfrey Anastacia Jamfrey Actress, Female Zombie Riot Anastacia Jamfrey is from Chester-Le-Street, County Durham, England. She resided in Newcastle upon Tyne until 2014 before relocating to Preston, England. Born on the 8th June 1990. Actress in the film "The Stagg Do", the upcoming film "Zombie Women of Satan 2" and "Apriori - Fire" music video. She is a qualified automotive mechanic.
17. Alan Brien Alan Brien Self, The Churchills
18. Stephen Snowdon Stephen Snowdon Thanks, Cain Hill
19. Ralph Haddon Ralph Haddon Actor, Take Me
20. Peter Finley Peter Finley Self, Countdown
21. Jack Scott Jack Scott Self, Decision 79
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