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1. Dolores del Rio Dolores del Rio Actress, Flying Down to Rio Dolores del Rio was the first Mexican movie star with international appeal and had a meteoric career in 1920s Hollywood (an extraordinary accomplishment for an Hispanic female on those years). She came from an aristocratic family in Durango. In the Mexican revolution of 1916, however, the family lost everything they had and emigrated to Mexico City...
2. Marlene Favela Marlene Favela Actress, Species: The Awakening
3. Lorena McGregor Lorena McGregor Actress, Cesar Chavez Born in Durango, Durango, Mexico. After finishing high school, Lorena made the move to Los Angeles in 2010 to study at the Stella Adler-LA acting conservatory. Before finishing the two year program, Lorena was called to read for the part of Sylvia in the Film "Cesar Chavez and American Hero" directed by Diego Luna...
4. Ramon Novarro Ramon Novarro Actor, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ The son of a prosperous Mexican dentist, Ramon Novarro moved to Los Angeles with his family as refugees from the Mexican revolution of 1916. After stints as a ballet dancer, piano teacher and singing waiter, he became a film extra in 1917. For five years he remained an extra until director Rex Ingram cast him as Rupert in The Prisoner of Zenda...
5. Pancho Villa Pancho Villa Self, Life of Villa Francisco "Pancho" Villa was born Doroteo Arango to rural peasant parents in San Juan del Rio, Mexico, on June 5, 1878. He later took several aliases, the most popular and well-known being "Pancho Villa". Raised in poverty in Durango, he turned to cattle rustling and robbery as a young man. The turning point in his life...
6. Rene Elizondo Rene Elizondo Director, Janet Jackson: Design of a Decade 1986/1996
7. Carlos Cardán Carlos Cardán Actor, El imperio de la fortuna
8. José Torvay José Torvay Actor, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
9. Andrea Palma Andrea Palma Actress, The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz Andrea Palma became the first diva of Mexican cinema, when she appeared in the tragic leading role of Rosario, the prostitute of The Woman of the Port, one of the iconic films of the "cine de pecadoras" genre that became a staple in the Mexican film industry. Andrea was the daughter of Julio Bracho Zuloaga...
10. Julio Bracho Julio Bracho Director, Twilight
11. Lico Reyes Lico Reyes Actor, Joe
12. Leonor Llausás Leonor Llausás Actress, Poison for the Fairies
13. Silvia Manríquez Silvia Manríquez Actress, Por el amor de una mujer
14. Rosaura Revueltas Rosaura Revueltas Actress, Salt of the Earth A star in her native Mexico, Revueltas was branded a Communist and deported from the U.S. after making her one U.S. film, "Salt of the Earth" (1954), a Mexican-American film about striking miners. She continued her acting career in Mexico, and was also a dancer and author. In her later years she was a dance teacher and yoga instructor.
15. Carlos Navarro Carlos Navarro Actor, Illusion Travels by Streetcar
16. Carlos López Carlos López Actor, Los millones de Chaflán
17. Hernando Name Hernando Name Director, Muerte en Tijuana
18. José Revueltas José Revueltas Writer, The Love Nest
19. Juan Antonio de la Riva Juan Antonio de la Riva Director, Wandering Lives
20. Néstor Chaires Néstor Chaires Actor, Cuando me vaya
21. Carmen Laroux Carmen Laroux Actress, The Desert Trail
22. Virginia Gutiérrez Virginia Gutiérrez Actress, La familia
23. 'Chico' Hernandez 'Chico' Hernandez Miscellaneous Crew, The Mask of Zorro
24. Pedro Ultreras Pedro Ultreras Director, The Beast Pedro Ultreras was born in Durango, México in 1969. At the age of 20 years old, Ultreras left his country in search of better opportunities in the United States; throughout his career in the Media he has worked professionally in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and currently in New York City. He has been three times nominated to an Emmy because his work as a News Reporter...
25. Felipe de Flores Felipe de Flores Actor, Marejada
26. Jesús Sotomayor Martínez Jesús Sotomayor Martínez Producer, Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters
27. Tony Roux Tony Roux Actor, Casa Manana
28. Alonso Espeleta Alonso Espeleta Writer, Hoy Pudo Ser Un Gran Día
29. Enrique Cancino Enrique Cancino Actor, La herencia de la Llorona
30. Julio Quezada Orozco Julio Quezada Orozco Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Broken Sky
31. Eduardo Lucero Eduardo Lucero Costume Designer, Modern Vampires
32. Orlando Beltran Orlando Beltran Actor, The Hitch-Hiker
33. Silvestre Revueltas Silvestre Revueltas Soundtrack, Sin City
34. Gladys Gallegos Gladys Gallegos Actress, Desconfianza
35. Rafael Ruiz Esparza Rafael Ruiz Esparza Sound Department, The Magnificent Seven
36. Hector Salomon Hector Salomon Transportation Department, Titanic
37. Mariano Samaniegos Mariano Samaniegos Actor, The Dangerous Maid
38. Jaime Galindo Jaime Galindo Special Effects, Dante's Peak
39. Pepe Landeros Pepe Landeros Music Department, Jack Fina and His Orchestra
40. Juan Manuel Romero Rivas Juan Manuel Romero Rivas Actor, The Mountain Hawk
41. Carmen Samaniego Carmen Samaniego Actress, Contra la corriente
42. Rodrigo Moreno Rodrigo Moreno Casting Department, Minuto para ganar
43. Antonio Samaniego Antonio Samaniego Director, An Old Spanish Custom
44. Eduardo Samaniego Eduardo Samaniego Production Designer, Contra la corriente
45. Rafael Bermúdez Zatarain Rafael Bermúdez Zatarain Director, El caporal
46. Ladislao López Negrete Ladislao López Negrete Writer, Al caer la tarde
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