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1. Kate Mulgrew Kate Mulgrew Actress, Star Trek: Voyager Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew, or Kate Mulgrew, was born on April 29, 1955. She grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, the oldest girl in an Irish Catholic family of eight. When Kate, as a 12-year-old, expressed an interest in acting, her mother, Joan, brought home biographies of great actresses and sent Kate to summer acting schools...
2. Margaret Lindsay Margaret Lindsay Actress, Jezebel Picture-pretty brunette Margaret Lindsay was one of a number of pleasant, sweet-natured ingénues who could do no wrong in a score of 1930s stylish Hollywood pictures. Such altruistic love interests were often overlooked in pictures that were carried by the flashy histrionics of a jaunty James Cagney or temperamental Bette Davis...
3. Mark Steines Mark Steines Self, Home & Family Emmy award-winning journalist Mark Steines hosts Hallmark Channel's Emmy-nominated "Home & Family." After more than 17 years on "Entertainment Tonight," Steines and his co-host Debbie Matenopoulos entertain and inform their audience daily with an array entertaining and relevant lifestyle topics, such as do-it-yourself projects...
4. David Rabe David Rabe Writer, The Firm
5. Louie Psihoyos Louie Psihoyos Camera and Electrical Department, The Cove
6. Jane Gilbert Jane Gilbert Actress, Alex in Wonderland
7. Bryan Fox Bryan Fox Actor, Dissonance Bryan James Endress-Fox was born in Dubuque, Iowa to Patrick Fox and Paula Endress. He grew up in Iowa and Pennsylvania and has two brothers- an older brother Nathan, and identical twin brother Aaron. Bryan grew up playing tennis and competed on a national and international level. After playing professional...
8. Frank Keenan Frank Keenan Actor, The Coward Frank was considered a "furniture actor" on stage. While on stage he was so often drunk that he had to lean on or hold onto furniture to keep from falling down. Known through the country for his stage work, he was ranked as one of the foremost stage artists prior to moving to Hollywood. Keenan's first wife of forty-four years...
9. Turk Muller Turk Muller Actor, Primal Fear
10. Jack Denton Jack Denton Actor, Splash A comedy writer for Milton Berle at age twenty-two, Denton was also a Milwaukee disc-jockey hosting a talk radio show and a weekly television show. From 1954-1958, Denton was a columnist of the Milwaukee Sentinel. He's best remembered for his role as Franklin D. Roosevelt, a role he played on both stage and screen.
11. Jonathan Biver Jonathan Biver Actor, Professional Friend
12. Jeff Astgen Jeff Astgen Producer, Cut Off
13. Dave Oppenheim Dave Oppenheim Soundtrack, Pennies from Heaven
14. Vern Stierman Vern Stierman Actor, The Legend of Boggy Creek
15. Maureen LaVette Maureen LaVette Actress, Starfire Mutiny
16. Meghan Lynne Meghan Lynne Actress, Black Friday Meghan began dancing at a young age. She preformed in Color Guard, flag twirling and dancing in front of a huge audience. Later in life, she became one of the actors at Dark Chambers, a haunted attraction, in 2011. On the side, she investigates into paranormal activity. Meghan starred in her first big break in the feature Black Friday...
17. Marianne Maili Marianne Maili Actress, Food of Love
18. John Straub John Straub Actor, Love of Life
19. George Buse George Buse Self, Before Stonewall George S. Buse (Dubuque, IA, 1924--Chicago, IL, Apr. 21, 2000). Journalist, activist, actor, and minister. Buse enlisted and served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II, attaining the rank of corporal. From 1955 to 1963 he served as a commissioned officer and U.S. Navy chaplain, principally on the West Coast and in Asia...
20. Aaron Benoy Aaron Benoy Location Management, Session 9
21. Jed Mattes Jed Mattes
22. Thomas Gifford Thomas Gifford Writer, Dirty Tricks Won awards at Harvard for creative writing; worked at The Sun Newspaper and The Guthrie; won Putnam's prize for best first novel (The Wind Chill Factor). From Dubuque, Iowa, after graduating from college he moved to the Twin Cities, MN where he and his wife, Kari Sandven, had two children (Thomas Eaton...
23. Joseph McDermott Joseph McDermott Actor, His Brother's Keeper
24. Joe Hoerner Joe Hoerner Self, 1968 World Series
25. Dan Koppen Dan Koppen Self, Super Bowl XXXIX
26. Sabin Carr Sabin Carr Producer, Harlem on the Prairie
27. Helen Klinkner Helen Klinkner Actress, Earl Carroll Vanities
28. LeRoy Cain LeRoy Cain Thanks, Beyond the Moon: Failure Is Not an Option 2 LeRoy Cain spent many years at NASA's Johnson Space Center's Mission Operations Directorate. He worked as a flight operations support engineer, a GNC flight controller and then served as flight director for over a dozen space shuttle missions. He then joined the Space Shuttle Program management team...
29. Jennifer M. Fah Jennifer M. Fah Editor, Baggage
30. Evan Kelly Evan Kelly Producer, Anna: The Cat with CLAWS
31. Richard Bissell Richard Bissell Writer, The Pajama Game
32. Quinton Weidemann Quinton Weidemann Director, Chances Quinton Weidemann, who is the son of Michael and Julie Weidemann, is a cinematographer, actor, and writer from Dubuque, Iowa. He attended The University of Iowa in 2015 where he earn his Bachelors in Cinematic Arts. He is Best known for his work on Evil Eyes (2015) and Drowning Out (2016).
33. James Adolf Westphal James Adolf Westphal Self, Horizon
34. Jay Berwanger Jay Berwanger Actor, The Big Game
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