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1. Peter Coe Peter Coe Actor, Road to Bali
2. Frano Maskovic Frano Maskovic Actor, 7 seX 7
3. Branko Bauer Branko Bauer Director, Salas u Malom Ritu
4. Maja Cuckovic Maja Cuckovic Actress, Kralj Ibi
5. Jelena Percin Jelena Percin Actress, 7 seX 7
6. Igor Hajdarhodzic Igor Hajdarhodzic Actor, Behind Enemy Lines
7. Tonko Lonza Tonko Lonza Actor, Glembajevi
8. Milan Babic Milan Babic Director, My Father Eduardo Born in Dubrovnik 1974, in the country that used to be called Yugoslavia. Grew up in Sarajevo. Attended "Prva Sarajevska Gimnazija" for two years. In 1992. Graduated at Whittier High School, California, USA. He has finished a music school and for many years played on a piano for a living. Also has a degree in literature studies from Jagellonian University in Cracow...
9. Maro Martinovic Maro Martinovic Actor, Krvopijci
10. Vlado Georgiev Vlado Georgiev Self, Episode #2.7
11. Zuza Egreny Zuza Egreny Actress, Maskarate ispod kuplja
12. Robert Boskovic-Zarak Robert Boskovic-Zarak Actor, Brija
13. Perica Martinovic Perica Martinovic Actress, Crazy Days
14. Niksa Kuselj Niksa Kuselj Actor, The Horseman
15. Tereza Kesovija Tereza Kesovija Self, The Eurovision Song Contest
16. Srdjana Simunovic Srdjana Simunovic Actress, Mrtvi kutovi
17. Ottavio Missoni Ottavio Missoni Self, Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel
18. Mladen Brandjolica Mladen Brandjolica Actor, Peta strana sveta
18 names.