11 names.

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1. Jesse Keen Jesse Keen Actor, The Greasy Strangler
2. Jake Buchheit Jake Buchheit Editorial Department, America's Next Top Model
3. Jeanne Baird Jeanne Baird Actress, Get Outta Town
4. Scout Masterson Scout Masterson Casting Department, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
5. Chuck Lines Chuck Lines Actor, 12 Deadly Days It was a sparkling August morning in the sleepy town of DuBois, Pennsylvania. The temperature was 72 degrees with a variable 5 mph wind blowing in from the northeast. Enter Chuck Lines, all 8 pounds 9 ounces of him born to entertain. Little Chuck opened his eyes, opened a deck of cards, turned to his exhausted mother and said...
6. William Harvey William Harvey
7. Sparky Lyle Sparky Lyle Self, 1973 MLB All-Star Game
8. Jeremy Siple Jeremy Siple
9. Sam Hoyle Sam Hoyle Actor, Serial Killer
10. Deacon Litz Deacon Litz Stunts, Speedway
11. Jamie Pullman Jamie Pullman Actress, Serial Killer
11 names.