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1. Robert Siodmak Robert Siodmak Director, The Killers The director Robert Siodmak (which he insisted, be pronounced 'See-odd-mack') was a masterful film maker who successfully blended the techniques of German Expressionism with contemporary styles of American film, particularly film noir, in the process creating a handful of moody, sometimes chilling, and always memorable motion pictures...
2. Jan Josef Liefers Jan Josef Liefers Actor, Knockin' on Heaven's Door
3. Curt Siodmak Curt Siodmak Writer, The Wolfman Born in Dresden, Germany, in 1902, Curt Siodmak worked as an engineer and a newspaper reporter before entering the literary and movie fields. It was as a reporter that he got his first break (of sorts) in films: in 1926 he and his reporter-wife hired on as extras on Fritz Lang's Metropolis in order to get a story on the director and his film...
4. Uwe Preuss Uwe Preuss Actor, Phoenix
5. Erich Kästner Erich Kästner Writer, The Parent Trap
6. Stephan Grossmann Stephan Grossmann Actor, Amour fou
7. Gisela von Collande Gisela von Collande Actress, Hahn im Korb
8. Sascha Borysenko Sascha Borysenko Actor, Love Camp
9. Edith Hamilton Edith Hamilton Writer, The Trojan Women Born in Dresden, Germany, of American parents, educator Edith Hamilton was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She took a very early interest in Greek and Roman literature, and after graduating from Bryn Mawr College in 1894 with an M.A., she spent the following two years at the German universities of Leipzig and Munich (becoming the first woman to attend classes there)...
10. Gerhard Richter Gerhard Richter Self, Gerhard Richter - Painting
11. Renée Stobrawa Renée Stobrawa Actress, Mother Holly
12. Gertrude Welcker Gertrude Welcker Actress, Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler
13. Wolf Koenig Wolf Koenig Producer, Glenn Gould: On the Record
14. Alexander Hegarth Alexander Hegarth Actor, Der Parasit
15. Jörg Heinrich Jörg Heinrich Actor, Verbotene Liebe
16. Julius E. Herrmann Julius E. Herrmann Actor, Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler
17. Ernst Hirsch Ernst Hirsch Cinematographer, Max Ernst: Mein Vagabundieren - Meine Unruhe
18. Erich Schleyer Erich Schleyer Actor, Flashback
19. Paula Hans Paula Hans Actress, In Born 1986 in Dresden, Paula took interest in acting at the age of 7 and subsequently studied and performed stage acting and acrobatics. In 1998 Paula moved to Leipzig where she further practiced and perfected her talent. She was discovered as speaker for radio plays and dubbing, performing main roles in various broadcast productions and dubbing the lead role in a series for children's TV in 1999...
20. Eberhard Cohrs Eberhard Cohrs Actor, Rosen
21. Carl Junghans Carl Junghans Director, Takový je zivot
22. Carl-Hermann Risse Carl-Hermann Risse Actor, Ich will nach Hause
23. Klaus Pönitz Klaus Pönitz Actor, Wolffs Revier
24. Susanne Langhans Susanne Langhans Self, Schleswig-Holstein Magazin
25. Volker Braun Volker Braun Writer, Der Verdacht
26. Martin Hellberg Martin Hellberg Actor, Kabale und Liebe
27. Hans Sahl Hans Sahl Writer, Four in a Jeep
28. Frauke Petry Frauke Petry Self, Anne Will
29. Carina Drews Carina Drews Actress, Die Masche mit der Liebe
30. Matthias Walden Matthias Walden Director, Einige Tage im Leben des ...
31. Ulrich Lenk Ulrich Lenk Actor, Tandem
32. Wolfgang Mischnick Wolfgang Mischnick Self, Feuerabend
33. Walter Steinbeck Walter Steinbeck Actor, Früh übt sich
34. Eberhard Panitz Eberhard Panitz Writer, Der Dritte
35. Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin
36. Wolfgang Grossmann Wolfgang Grossmann Actor, Sein letztes Rennen
37. Lars Jung Lars Jung Actor, Sabine Wulff
38. Max Wogritsch Max Wogritsch Actor, The Broken Promise
39. Klaus Dudenhöfer Klaus Dudenhöfer Editor, The Captain from Köpenick
40. Ingeborg Grunewald Ingeborg Grunewald Writer, Kaspers Reise zu den Zwergen Ingeborg Grunewald is known as the German voice of Greta Garbo in "Mata Hari", "Grand Hotel", "Queen Christina", "Anna Karenina", "Camille", "Conquest", "Ninotchka" and "The Two-Faced Woman". The daughter of an architect studied theater sciences and German at Munich and Heidelberg, she did go to a school for interpreters and took lessons for acting (in the USA as well)...
41. Hilde Gebuehr Hilde Gebuehr Actress, Die Wasserteufel von Hieflau
42. Paula Modersohn-Becker Paula Modersohn-Becker Writer, Paula Modersohn-Becker - Geschichte einer Malerin
43. Peter Adler Peter Adler Writer, Al Capone im deutschen Wald
44. Klaus Kaluscha Klaus Kaluscha Actor, Die Maus
45. Horst Wolfram Geissler Horst Wolfram Geissler Writer, Der liebe Augustin
46. Franziska Eichstädt-Bohlig Franziska Eichstädt-Bohlig Self, Klipp und klar
47. Martin Selber Martin Selber Writer, Salz und Brot und gute Laune
48. Curt Rehfeld Curt Rehfeld Actor, The Buried Treasure
49. Helmut Schön Helmut Schön Self, Das Mädchen - Was geschah mit Elisabeth K.?
50. Bruno Decarli Bruno Decarli Actor, Der Mann mit der eisernen Maske
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