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1. Jan Josef Liefers Jan Josef Liefers Actor, Knockin' on Heaven's Door
2. Robert Siodmak Robert Siodmak Director, The Killers Robert Siodmak (8 August 1900 - 10 March 1973) was a German-born American film director. He is best remembered as a thriller specialist and for a series of stylish, unpretentious Hollywood films noirs he made in the 1940s. Siodmak (pronounced SEE-ODD-MACK) was born in Dresden, Germany, the son of Rosa Philippine (née Blum) and Ignatz Siodmak...
3. Peter Viertel Peter Viertel Writer, White Hunter Black Heart Peter Viertel, a WWII veteran whose first novel was published to glowing reviews when he was only 18, was born of parents of the European intelligentsia, refugees from Adolf Hitler's Europe. Brought up in Hollywood, in a household where Greta Garbo (his mother's closest friend), Bertolt Brecht Thomas Mann...
4. Uwe Preuss Uwe Preuss Actor, Deutschland 83
5. Curt Siodmak Curt Siodmak Writer, The Wolfman Born in Dresden, Germany, in 1902, Curt Siodmak worked as an engineer and a newspaper reporter before entering the literary and movie fields. It was as a reporter that he got his first break (of sorts) in films: in 1926 he and his reporter-wife hired on as extras on Fritz Lang's Metropolis in order to get a story on the director and his film...
6. Thomas Fritsch Thomas Fritsch Actor, Das schwarz-weiß-rote Himmelbett
7. Erich Kästner Erich Kästner Writer, The Parent Trap
8. Cornelia Gröschel Cornelia Gröschel Actress, Die Schöne und das Biest
9. Gert Westphal Gert Westphal Actor, Ein Bräutigam für Marcella
10. Dora Altmann Dora Altmann Actress, Endkampf
11. Stephan Grossmann Stephan Grossmann Actor, Amour fou
12. Stefan Behrens Stefan Behrens Actor, Der Hausgeist
13. Volkmar Kleinert Volkmar Kleinert Actor, The Lives of Others
14. Herrmann Zschoche Herrmann Zschoche Director, Bürgschaft für ein Jahr
15. Horst Naumann Horst Naumann Actor, Das Traumschiff
16. Logan McCree Logan McCree Actor, Ink Storm
17. Sigrid von Richthofen Sigrid von Richthofen Actress, Cabaret
18. Dagmar Hessenland Dagmar Hessenland Actress, Lindenstraße
19. Ilse Koch Ilse Koch Known as "The Bitch of Buchenwald", Ilse Koch was the wife of Karl Koch, the SS commandant of the Nazi concentration/extermination camps of Buchenwald and Majdanek during World War II. An ardent Nazi, she was accused after the war of war crimes, specifically that she chose certain camp prisoners with unique tattoos to be murdered and then skinned...
20. Elizabeth Ercy Elizabeth Ercy Actress, Phaedra
21. Hans Teuscher Hans Teuscher Actor, Fünf Sterne
22. Hansjürgen Hürrig Hansjürgen Hürrig Actor, Solo Sunny
23. Paula Modersohn-Becker Paula Modersohn-Becker Writer, Paula Modersohn-Becker - Geschichte einer Malerin
24. Hans Helmut Dickow Hans Helmut Dickow Actor, Der Prozeß der Jeanne D'Arc zu Rouen 1431
25. Anita Berber Anita Berber Actress, Eerie Tales
26. Frauke Petry Frauke Petry Self, Anne Will
27. Gisela von Collande Gisela von Collande Actress, Hahn im Korb
28. Klaus Pönitz Klaus Pönitz Actor, Wolffs Revier
29. Arnim Mühlstädt Arnim Mühlstädt Actor, Feuer unter Deck
30. Gerhard Richter Gerhard Richter Self, Gerhard Richter - Painting
31. Thomas Anton Thomas Anton Actor, Das ewige Leben
32. Joachim Lätsch Joachim Lätsch Actor, Sturm der Liebe
33. Marita Böhme Marita Böhme Actress, Bukow and König
34. Manja Behrens Manja Behrens Actress, Karbid und Sauerampfer
35. Axel Wandtke Axel Wandtke Actor, In aller Freundschaft
36. Maria Wimmer Maria Wimmer Actress, Die Zimmerwirtin
37. Herbert Trantow Herbert Trantow Composer, The Castle
38. Karl Von Cosel Karl Von Cosel Born Karl Tanzler in Dresden, Germany he abandoned his wife and children in 1927 to move to Key West, Florida, where he changed his name to Carl Von Cosel and added "Count" to his title. He also claimed to have had 19 different degrees though none were substantiated. Von Cosel worked for several years...
39. Gerik Schjelderup Gerik Schjelderup Actor, Our Man in Havana
40. Gertrude Welcker Gertrude Welcker Actress, Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler
41. Gernot Roll Gernot Roll Cinematographer, Nirgendwo in Afrika
42. Volker von Collande Volker von Collande Actor, Zwei in einer großen Stadt
43. Helga Sommerfeld Helga Sommerfeld Actress, Schlager-Raketen
44. Sascha Borysenko Sascha Borysenko Actor, Love Camp
45. Henry Meyer Henry Meyer Actor, Gefährliche Wahrheit
46. Wolfgang Storch Wolfgang Storch Director, Freiwillige Feuerwehr
47. John Siegfried John Siegfried Actor, Hitler
48. Wolfgang Luderer Wolfgang Luderer Director, Fernsehpitaval
49. Helmut Dziuba Helmut Dziuba Writer, Erscheinen Pflicht
50. Thea Thiele Thea Thiele Actress, The Devil's General
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