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1. Jennifer Nettles Jennifer Nettles Self, Jennifer Nettles: 'Tis the Season With a presentation of engaging tunes, dynamic vocals, and poetic flair in a passionately charged live setting, Jennifer Nettles and her band were quite successful during the mid- to late '90s. Originally a native of Atlanta, GA, Nettles successful career began with the release of Story of Your Bones and quickly a following was created...
2. Beth Fraser Beth Fraser Actress, Baby Daddy Elizabeth Nicole Thieme was born in Douglas, Georgia but grew up in Sarasota, Florida. She decided to become an actress when she was just five years old and started modeling, dancing and acting right away. Through high school at Sarasota High and college at University of Florida she continued modeling...
3. Jennifer Sears Jennifer Sears Actress, Madea's Family Reunion
4. Jamie Newton Jamie Newton Self, Survivor
5. Chris Giddens Chris Giddens Producer, A Story of Our Hero (to 1910)
6. Riccardo Ingram Riccardo Ingram Self, Sunday Night Baseball
7. Charles H. Batten Charles H. Batten Self, Seconds from Disaster
8. Connie Simmons Connie Simmons Actress, Sympathy in Summer
8 names.