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1. Marta Etura Marta Etura Actress, The Impossible
2. Julio Medem Julio Medem Director, Sex and Lucia Julio Medem was born in San Sebastian in northern Spain. As a teenager Medem made short movies with a super-8 camera owned by his father. Some of those films are "El ciego" (1976), "El jueves pasado" (1977) and "Fideos" (1979.) Wanting to know more about the darkest corners of the human mind, Medem studied psychiatry...
3. Bárbara Goenaga Bárbara Goenaga Actress, Los cronocrímenes
4. Alberto Iglesias Alberto Iglesias Composer, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
5. Borja Cobeaga Borja Cobeaga Writer, Pagafantas
6. Verónika Moral Verónika Moral Actress, Amar en tiempos revueltos
7. Josean Bengoetxea Josean Bengoetxea Actor, Celda 211
8. Javier Aguirre Javier Aguirre Director, Tiempo abierto
9. Iñaki Gabilondo Iñaki Gabilondo Self, Iñaki
10. Paula Martel Paula Martel Actress, La mano de un hombre muerto
11. Aitor Merino Aitor Merino Actor, Te doy mis ojos
12. Alfredo Villa Alfredo Villa Actor, Dagon
13. Iván Zulueta Iván Zulueta Director, Arrebato
14. Elena Irureta Elena Irureta Actress, El comisario
15. Raúl Cancio Raúl Cancio Actor, Séptima página
16. Javier Gurruchaga Javier Gurruchaga Writer, Viaje con nosotros
17. Santiago San Miguel Santiago San Miguel Writer, El señor de los llanos
18. Alberto Maneiro Alberto Maneiro Actor, Eres
19. Josefina Serratosa Josefina Serratosa Actress, Jealousy, Italian Style
20. Gorka Merchán Gorka Merchán Director, La casa de mi padre
21. Antonio Eceiza Antonio Eceiza Writer, A través de San Sebastián
22. Ainhoa Aierbe Ainhoa Aierbe Actress, Embarazados
23. Paul Berrondo Paul Berrondo Actor, La Riera
24. Pío Baroja Pío Baroja Writer, La busca
25. Marisol González Marisol González Self, Estilo
26. José Luis Egea José Luis Egea Writer, Los desafíos
27. Rosa García Caro Rosa García Caro Self, El juego del euromillón
28. Juan Aguirre Juan Aguirre Self, XIX premios Goya
29. Arantxa Urretavizcaya Arantxa Urretavizcaya Writer, A los cuatro vientos
30. Arantxa Gurmendi Arantxa Gurmendi Actress, Goenkale
31. Asier Gurrutxaga Asier Gurrutxaga Visual Effects, Black Soul Born in Donostia-San Sebastián, started messing with sound and video work at a very young age. Has worked as a producer, director, camera operator and AC and has even done some work as DoP. His main work is based on film and sound editing, as well as sound mixing. Among his latest work, he was in charge of the whole post-production of the short film 'Alma Negra'.
32. Egoitz Lasa Egoitz Lasa Actor, Ocho apellidos vascos
33. Josean Gómez Josean Gómez Production Manager, Chinese Take-Out
33 names.