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1. Oksana Baiul Oksana Baiul Self, Ice Wars 5 1994 Olympic GOLD Medalist & 1993 World Champion, Ladies Figure Skating. When Oksana Baiul was three years old, she received her first pair of ice skates from her Grandfather. By just seven years old, she already won her first competition. The Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation immediately took notice of her unique, natural balletic artistry on the ice...
2. Galina Jovovich Galina Jovovich Actress, Chelovek bezvozvratnyy Galina Jovovich is a Russian-American actress and mother of Milla Jovovich. She was born Galina Loginova in 1950 in Russia, Tuapse, Soviet Union. Her father was a Red Army officer, her mother was a homemaker. Her parents divorced and she was raised by a single mother. She studied acting in Dnepropetrovsk...
3. Konstantin Lopushanskiy Konstantin Lopushanskiy Director, Gadkie lebedi
4. Aleksandr Goloborodko Aleksandr Goloborodko Actor, Viimne reliikvia
5. Liya Akhedzhakova Liya Akhedzhakova Actress, Nebesa obetovannye Liya Akhedzhakova is a little gem of Soviet cinema. She was a show-stealer in such a comedy classic as Ironiya sudby, ili S legkim parom! in a part with no words at all. Her ability to create a larger than life heroes is almost unbelievable. Every second line of her Verochka from Office Romance became a catch-phrase...
6. Ellina Adel Ellina Adel Producer, Storefront Ellina was born in Ukraine, near Dnepropetrovsk. At the age of 9 she got the dream to become an actress. After graduating High School, Ellina moved with her mom to Moscow to study acting. Unfortunately, because of her Ukrainian accent, she didn't pass the entrance audition. Unphased, Ellina decided to work on her accent...
7. Marina Maximilian Blumin Marina Maximilian Blumin Actress, Yaldey Rosh Ha-Memshala
8. Yuriy Klimenko Yuriy Klimenko Cinematographer, Trudno byt bogom
9. Tatiana Navka Tatiana Navka Self, Turin 2006: XX Olympic Winter Games
10. Igor Mayorov Igor Mayorov Sound Department, The Cranes Are Flying
11. Igor Shcherbakov Igor Shcherbakov Composer, Zolushka v sapogakh
12. Vadim Ilyenko Vadim Ilyenko Cinematographer, Za dvumya zaytsami
13. Stanislav Arkhipov Stanislav Arkhipov Producer, Barak
14. Tatyana Polezhaykina Tatyana Polezhaykina Actress, Burial of the Rats
15. Yefim Galperin Yefim Galperin Director, Senit zon
16. Yulia Tymoshenko Yulia Tymoshenko Actress, Etim vecherom angely plakali
17. Georgiy Tretyakov Georgiy Tretyakov Actor, Troye
18. Natalya Gugueva Natalya Gugueva Director, Kto takoy etot Kusturitsa?
19. Stepan Koval Stepan Koval Director, Shyol tramvay N° 9
19 names.