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1. Raynoma Singleton Raynoma Singleton Self, Motown 40: The Music Is Forever
2. Dave Pike Dave Pike Soundtrack, Zoolander
3. Louis-Georges Carrier Louis-Georges Carrier Director, Le monde parallèle
4. Rob Bailey Rob Bailey Transportation Department, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
5. Kim Kashkashian Kim Kashkashian Soundtrack, Mission: Impossible
6. Dominique Mickens Dominique Mickens Actress, Sex/Absurd Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dominique has been acting, dancing and singing since the age of 8. She graduated from Orange County High School of the Arts with a major in theatre. From there she spent her first year of college in San Francisco at the Academy of Art. She is now in pursuit of strengthening her acting career and one day having an oscar to call her own.
7. William M. Gray William M. Gray Self, Where the Grass Is Greener
8. Ron Teachworth Ron Teachworth Director, Going Back Ron Teachworth's work has been in producing visual art, film and television. He wrote and directed an independent feature film for Vestron Pictures, Going Back, starring Bruce Campbell and Christopher Howe. The film toured ten film festivals and was released on DVD by Inferno Films in 2006. He followed up with a children's book...
9. Gary Keys Gary Keys Director, 42nd Street: River to River
10. Richard Foster Baker Richard Foster Baker Director, The Fable of the Wandering Boy and the Wayward Parents
11. Todd Hannah Todd Hannah Todd Hannah was born in Detroit, Michigan to former boxing middleweight champ Thomas H. Hannah and small Sewickley, Pennsylvania native Jacqueline Brannon. He left Detroit at the age of 2 and was raised in Orange County California for the next 10 years. Here is where he picked up the bug to act. At Rosita and Merton E Hill Elementary School Todd performed in various plays...
12. Michele Marsh Michele Marsh Actress, Miracle on 34th Street
13. David R. Wendell David R. Wendell Actor, Hit the Ground Running Born in Detroit on March 8, 1966, David grew grew up in Warren Michigan with Florence, his homemaker mother, Phillip his engineer father and Lisa, his sister. At an early age David was interested in acting, movie effects makeup and anything Hollywood. He attempted to start a drama club in St. Clement grade school when he was in 6th grade...
14. Sheila McKay Sheila McKay Actress, Hot Car Girl
15. Don Robb Don Robb Production Manager, The Ten Commandments
16. Ruth Amos Ruth Amos Actress, Studio One in Hollywood
16 names.